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SR658 Solar Controllers for Split Solar Water Heater

SR658 solar controller is used in more complex and versatile solar heating systems.
  • SR658


  • Integrated circuit

  • Intelligent control solar heating system

  • For multifunctional and complex solar heating system

  • 1 year


1. Product Description

1.1 Overview

  • SR658 solar controller is used in more complex and versatile solar heating systems.

  • It can heat multiple water tanks, control multiple solar collector matrices, and intelligent control of alternative energy equipment such as gas, heat pumps, and boilers.

  • It can realize intelligent control of heating water tank, swimming pool, floor heating and other multi-purpose.

  • 19systems can be programmer.

  • Conventional/HE pump both available on.

  • Support firmware update by SD card.


SR530F8 Solar Controller for large and medium solar water heater systems.Its main functions include controlling solar circuit pump, storage loading pump, backup heating equipment, and the temperature and water level.

1.2 Applications Capacity

  • Max.number of collectors:2

  • Max.number of storage tanks:2

  • Max.number of relays:7

  • Max.number of sensors:8

  • Max.number of visualization application system:19

  • Signal port for HE pump:PWM1,PWM2,PWM3

  • FRT:1*Digital flowmeter sensor

  • VFS:1*Grundfos flowmeter sensor


1.3 Main functions

  • DATE---Date setting

  • Light---Display lightness adjustable

  • Timed heat---backup heating

  • Circle---Hot water circulation

  • Sys—Application programmer

  • LOAD---Setup Loading tank1

  • LOAD2--- Setup Loading tank2

  • COL---Collector1

  • COL2---Collector2

  • PUMP---Pump control mode

  • LLOGI---Tank loading logic

  • COOL---Cooling function

  • HEATX---Thermal energy transfer between tanks.

  • RPH---Preheat heating return function

  • AUX---Auxiliary function

  • MAN---Manual mode

  • BLPR---Blocking protection function

  • OTDIS---Thermal disinfection function

  • OPARR---Parallel relay function

  • OHQM---Thermal energy measurement

  • GFDS---Registration of Grundfos sensor

  • UNIT---C-F unit switch

  • OSDS---SD card

  • REST---reset

  • PASS--- password set

  • Firmware update

  • Holiday function

  • Screen Protection

  • Trouble Protection

  • Trouble Checking

1.4 Delivery scope


Technical Parameters

2.1 Technical Parameters


2.2 Optional accessories

2.2.1 Groundfos Direct Sensor VFS & Flow Meater


2.2.2 Electromagnetic relay : SR802,can control electric heating of ≤4000W


Contactor unit of high power: SR802

• When user selects electrical heater as back-up device, we recommend using SR802         unit connecting controller and electrical heater.

• Technical data of SR802 Dimension: 100mmx100mmx65mm.

• Power supply:180V~264V/AC 50/60Hz.

• Suitable power: ≤ 4000W.

• Available ambient temperature: -10 ~ 50oC Water proof grade: IP43.

SR802 Connection Diagram:


Product installation

3.1 Solar heating system with a solar collector matrix heating 2 water tanks


3.2 Two solar collector matrix heating two water tanks for solar heating system


3.3 Two water tanks, heat floor heating, gas as a spare solar heating system


3.4 Solar heated water tank and swimming pool system


3.5 SR658 installation manual download link:


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