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SR601 Solar Controllers for Compact Non Pressurized Solar Water Heater

  • SR601

  • Applicable to SFA/SFFU

  • Plastic, Integrated Circuit

  • Display water temperature and water level, intelligent control of water loading

  • Suitable for compact non-pressure solar water heater

  • 1 year


1. Product Introduction

1.1 Overview

SR601 microcomputer automatic controller is used for intelligent control of Integrated non-pressure solar water heater. It is developed with the latest NEC high-performance single-chip microcomputer and realizes intelligent control. All devices adopt industrial grade standard and can operate freely in cold, high temperature and humid environment. At the same time, the clock chip is used to make the time control accurate. The controller LCD liquid crystal display, beautiful appearance, stable and reliable performance, easy installation, is the most ideal accessory product for  Integrated non-pressure solar water heaters.

1.2 Function

The SR601 solar controller can display the water temperature and water level; control the water tank water supply through water temperature, water level and time setting; and can control the electric heating and other ancillary equipment to fully control the solar water heater. The list of more function is as follows:

1.LED color display
2.Temperature display
3.Water level display
4.Water level preset
5.Manual water loading function
6.Temperature controll water loading
7.Timing control water loading
8.Water supply function when lack of water
9.Water pressurization
10. Hot water circulation
11.Pipe insulation
12. Collector high temperature protection
13. Low  water pressure protectio

1.3 Packing list

2. Technical Parameters

2.1 Technical parameters

  • Appearance of controller: see product itself ( dimension: 180mm x120mm x40mm)

  • Power supply:AC100-240V,50/60Hz

  • Power consumption:< 3W

  • Accuracy of temperature measuring: ±1℃

  • Range of tank temperature measuring: 0 ~100 ℃

  • Range of temperature display: 0~ 100℃

  • Can connect loading pump:1pc < 600W

  • Can connect electrical heating cable:1pc < 800W

  • Ambient temperature :-10℃ ~ 50℃.

  • Water proof grade:IP41.

  • Socket : choice by customer

2.2 Size

 180mm x120mm x40mm

3. Product Installation

3.1 SR601 installation diagram is as follows:

3.2 SR601 Installation Manual Download:

SR601 Operation manual.pdf

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