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SR881 EPP Solar Work Station & Pump Stations

SR881 EPP single pipeline solar workstation is used in a split-pressure solar water heater system.
  • SR881

  • Applicable to SFBS/SFFS

  • Metal,integrated circuit.

  • Control solar heating system intelligently

  • EPP insulation,single pipeline

  • 1 year


1. Product Description

1.1 Overview

SR881 EPP solar workstation is uesd forsplit pressurized solar water heater systems.It has flow control, heat cycle, exhaust, pressure control, temperature display, system injection / drain and many other functions.By connecting solar collectors and split pressurized water tanks,store solar energy in a water tank.It can monitor system temperature, pressure, flow and so on at any time.

1.1.1 Product picture

SR881 EPP Solar Work Station & Pump Stations-p1.1.1

RS881 single line pump station

1.1.2 Kits Parameter

SR881 EPP Solar Work Station & Pump Stations-p1.1.2

1.2 Main functions

SR881 EPP Solar Work Station & Pump Stations-p1.2

  • Timing  heating

  • Temperature  difference  control  1*ΔT

  • Collector  emergency  shutdown

  • Collector  cooling  function

  • Collector  low  temperature  protection

  • Collector  frost  protection

  • Tank  re-cooling  function

  • Celsius  and  Fahrenheit  temperature  switch

  • Maximum  temperature  of  tank(max.number  1)

  • Anti-Legionella  function

  • Temperature  controlled  hot  water  circulation  pump

  • RPM  speed  controlling(1*semiconductor)

  • Thermal  energy  measuring

  • Pump  interval  functions.

  • High  temperature  by-pass  function

  • Manual  Control(  for  2  outputs:P1H1)

  • Password  setting

  • Recovery  to  factory  setting

  • Holiday  fucntion

  • Manual  Heating

  • Temperature  query  function

  • Memory  Protection

  • Screen  protection

  • Trouble  shooting

  • Trouble  protection

  • Trouble  checking

1.3 Delivery scope

SR881 EPP Solar Work Station & Pump Stations-p1.3

2. Technical Parameters

2.1 Technical Parameters

SR881 EPP Solar Work Station & Pump Stations-p2.1

2.2 Size



SR881 EPP Solar Work Station & Pump Stations-p2.2

2.3 Optional accessories

2.3.1 Electromagnetic relay : SR802,can control electric heating of ≤4000W.


Contactor unit of high power: SR802

When user selects electrical heater as back-up device, we recommend using SR802 unit connecting controller and electrical heater.

Technical data of SR802 Dimension: 100mmx100mmx65mm.

Power supply:180V~264V/AC 50/60Hz.

Suitable power: ≤ 4000W.

Available ambient temperature: -10 ~ 50oC Water proof grade: IP43.

SR802 Connection Diagram:


2.3.2 Digital flow counter FRT(A17)

SR881 EPP Solar Work Station & Pump Stations-p2.3.2

Flow check:The flow counter is used for measurement and display of flow rate, in order to guarantee the flawless function of the measuring device the system must be flushed and free from foreign substances.

3. Product Installation

3.1 SR881 Installation diagram

SR881 EPP Solar Work Station & Pump Stations-p3.1-1

SR881 EPP Solar Work Station & Pump Stations-p3.1-2

SR881 EPP Solar Work Station & Pump Stations-p3.1-3

SR881 EPP Solar Work Station & Pump Stations-p3.1-4

3.2 SR881 Installation manual download:

Optional Instruction of solar pump station SR881

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