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1st sunflower provides timely and cutting-edge design solutions for green and sustainable products, promoting low-carbon natural and healthy lifestyles

1st sunflower aims to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions for sustainable, pollution-free solar products, solar energy utilization, and health & sports, including design, manufacturing and delivery. The product range mainly includes solar water heaters, solar power systems, solar attic fans, solar air conditioners, health & sports products

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1st sunflower continuously improves products according to the regional characteristics and living habits of different countries to make the product more concise, more convenient to use, more efficient, less maintenance. It helps users reduce energy costs while maintaining comfort and protecting the environment. We are good at designing products and solutions that are right for you.
  • [Industry News] Use common sense: It is best not to use solar water heaters when thundering

    In summer, the weather is hot, and the frequency of using water heaters is also high. Summer is the season of thunderstorms. Is it dangerous to use solar water heaters when it rains? Now that there are many electrical appliances in the house, how to protect against thunderstorms correctly?Lightning

  • [Industry News] What are the functions of solar water heater control probes?

    1. Water tank temperature probe.The main function of the water temperature probe on the water tank is to detect the water temperature of the water tank to determine whether the electric heating of the water tank is activated. When the water temperature is lower than the set lower limit temperature,

  • [Industry News] Congestion In Ports On Both Sides Of The Pacific Ocean

    Entering the traditional shipping season, the ports on the west coast of the United States are heavily congested.

  • [Industry News] How To Choose Solar Attic Exhaust Fan

    Attic exhaust fans can reduce your air conditioning energy costs in the summer and prevent condensation and ice dams from forming in the winter. While most are wired to your home's electrical system, there are solar powered ventilation fans that do not require electrical connections. Attic ventilati

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About Sunflower
1st sunflower has entered the field of solar energy products since 1998 with deep expertise and skills in solar energy products and green products, with ability of excellent product design, solution consulting and business support services, and is committed to maximizing value and reduce costs for customers. We specialize in providing green solutions and supplying quality products.
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1st Sunflower Certifications

1st Sunflower products are certified to a range of international and local quality and product standards. Such as SRCC, BV, Solar Keymark and CE certification. In addition the 1st sunflower manufacturing facility is ISO9001:2015 quality management certified.



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