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SR609C Solar Controllers For Integrated Pressurized Solar Water Heater

SR609C is an intelligent controller for integrated pressurized solar water heaters. The controller is easy for you to install and with beautiful appearance, stable and reliable performance.
  • SR609C

  • Suitable for SFH/SFFP

  • Plastic,Integrated circuit

  • Display water temperature,Intelligent control heating

  • Suitable for Integrated pressurized solar water heater

  • 1 year


1.Product Description

1.1 Overview

SR609C is an intelligent controller for integrated pressurized solar water heaters, intelligently controlled by the latest high-performance microcontroller from NXP; All devices use industrial-grade standards to operate in cold, high-temperature, and humid environments, while using a clock chip for precise timing control.The controller is LCD type, with beautiful appearance, stable and reliable performance, easy to install, as the most ideal accessory product for integrated pressure solar water heater.

1.2 Main functions

SR609C solar controller can display water temperature;And can controller electric heating and other ancillary equipment, all-round intelligent control of solar water heaters.

The list of more features is as follows:

  1. LCD

  2. Clock display

  3. THEH Timing heating

  4. TCYC Setting the temperature / flow for DHW pump running within three time-sections

  5. PHTC Time controlled pipe belt heating protection

  6. CFR Tank anti-freezing protection

  7. UNIT Celsius degree and Fahrenheit unit switch

  8. BEEP Beeper error warning

  9. RST Reset function

  10. M.H Manual heating

  11. Intelligent heating mode

  12. Economic mode

  13. Protection function

  14. Memory protection

  15. Screen protection

  16. Trouble protection

1.3 Delivery scope


2. Technical Parameters

2.1 Technical Parameters

  • Power supply:AC100-240V,50/60Hz.

  • Power consumption:< 3W.

  • Accuracy of temperature measuring: ± 1°C.

  • Range of tank temperature measuring: 0 ~100°C.

  • Suitable power of electrical heater,≤2000W.

  • Control-able electric tracing R1,≤600W(Optional).

  • Ambient temperature :-10°C ~ 50°C.

  • Water proof grade:IP40.

2.2 Size



2.3 Optional accessories

2.3.1 Electromagnetic relay : SR802,can control electric heating of ≤4000W.


Contactor unit of high power : SR802

When user selects electrical heater as back-up device, we recommend using SR802 unit connecting controller and electrical heater.

Technical data of SR802 Dimension: 100mmx100mmx65mm

Power supply:110V~240V/AC 50/60Hz

Suitable power: ≤ 4000W

Available ambient temperature: -10 ~ 50°C Water proof grade: IP43



2.3.2 SR609C( Controllable 3000W electric heating model )

Product's shape dimensions:205mmX150mmX50mm


3. Product installation

3.1 SR609C installation diagram is as follows:


3.2 SR609C Installation manual download link :


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