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Duct High Pressure Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner

Duct High Pressure Thermal Hybrid solar air conditioner is driven by electricity and with solar energy as an auxiliary power.
  • TKF(R)-NW

  • 36000btu/3.5P,41000btu/4P,48000btu/5P

  • Solar Collector,Solar AC

  • Convert solar energy into heat, reduce the power consumption of air conditioners

  • Hybrid solar air conditioner

  • 3 years


1. Product Description

1.1 Structure

Photothermal hybrid solar air conditioners are mainly composed of indoor unit,outdoor unit and solar collector (solar vacuum tube and insulated water tank).

Duct High Pressure Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-p1.1

Cassette Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-p1.1-2

1.2 Features

  • Energy-saving EER >3.72. Solar air conditioner can save 30 % -50% electricity comparing to conventional ones.

  • Hybrid solar air conditioner is driven by electricity and with solar energy as an auxiliary power.

  • Reliable and durable, we use famous brand compressors and high-quality vacuum tubes.

  • Strong environmental adoptability, it can run at super high or low temperature.

  • Simple construction, Easy installation and maintenance does not require additional installation space, low installation costs.

  • Solar air conditioner combines the absorption working system to compression system by using environmental-friendly media in cooling and heating on the basic of conventional air conditioner technology to achieve energy-saving and environment protection.

  • It adopts vacuum tube solar collector which is with high performance of absorption and low reflection ratio.

  • Compared with other types of energy-saving air conditioner equipment, the process is mature, the performance is stable, the input cost is low, and the cost performance is high.

  • There must be a commercial power supply to work properly.

1.3 Working Principle

Wall Mounted Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner converting light energy into heat with efficient solar collectors,and store the heat in the insulated water tank.When the air conditioner is running, the power consumption can be reduced.

Duct High Pressure Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-p1.3

1.4 Why saving energy?

  • Hot water inside collector helps to reduce the consumption on compressor.

  • AC adopts high efficiency heat-exchange system.

1.5 Energy Saving Effect

Energy-saving EER >3.72. Solar air conditioner can save 30 % -50% electricity comparing to conventional ones.

Wall Mounted Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-p1.5

1.6 Testing Result on Comparing

Wall Mounted Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-p1.6

Wall Mounted Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-p1.6-2

2. Equipment Specifications

Duct High Pressure Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-p2

3. FAQ

3.1 Can solar air conditioners be used in the event of a power cut?

No, this is a hybrid solar air conditioner. There must be a commercial power supply for the air conditioner to work properly. Solar energy plays a role in energy conservation.

3.2 Can solar energy air conditioners save energy at night?

Yes, as long as there is stored hot water in the solar collector, it can save energy.

3.3 Is there a limit to the installation distance between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit?

Yes, in general, we do not recommend installation distances greater than 3.5 meters. When the distance is greater than 3.5m, the transportation refrigerant needs to consume more electric energy, and the energy saving effect is reduced.

3.4 Which refrigerant is used?

R410a, environmentally friendly refrigerant.

3.5 Can we just buy your solar collectors and install them on our regular air conditioners to achieve energy savings?

No, there are two main reasons.

  • The ratio of capillary heatsinks we use is optimized according to the operating characteristics and technical parameters of solar air conditioners to achieve optimal operation.

  • The external unit of solar air conditioner has 4 connections, while the ordinary air conditioner has only 2 connections, and you cannot complete the installation.

Wall Mounted Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-p3.5

3.6 Is solar air conditioning easy to install?

It's very easy, you can complete the installation of solar air conditioners as long as you have the installation technology of ordinary air conditioners. Simply put, you add solar collectors to the installation of ordinary air conditioners, and the installation of solar collectors is very easy to complete, you can quickly complete the installation by referring to our installation instructions.

3.7 Is there a difference between the method of adding refrigerant and vacuuming in solar air conditioners and ordinary air conditioners?

No difference.

3.8 Is there any difference in energy saving effects between flat collectors and tubular collectors?

There is no significant difference. However, for single-cooled solar air conditioners, we recommend the use of tubular collectors, which have larger tank volumes and better energy savings.

Wall Mounted Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-p3.8

4. Causes and Solution of Common Faults of Solar Air Conditioner

4.1 Out of operation

  1. Cause: Power failure or fuse is burned out;
    Solution: Check whether the power supply is out of power, the socket and plug are loose; Repair the socket and replace the burned fuse;
  2. Cause: the power supply voltage is too low;
    Solution: when the power supply voltage is lower than the 10% of rated voltage you need to find what it’s problem
  3. Cause: switch failure;
    Solution: replace failed switch with the same model and size.


4.2 Air conditioner is still running, but no heating or cooling room any more

  1. Cause: improper adjustment of the thermostat;

    Solution: set lower temperature;

  2. Cause: lack of refrigerant or leakage;

    Solution: check leak detection, then filling in accordance with the provisions of the refrigerant;

  3. Cause:  too much dust on filter;

    Solution: cleaning filter;

  4. Cause: The compressor itself is inefficient;

    Solution: install the new compressor.

4.3 Poor heatig or cooling effect
  1. Cause: The air filter is dirty or blocked;
    Solution: clean the filter to improve airflow;
  2. Cause: Door or window is open;
    Solution: Close the door or window to avoid heating or cooling air going out;
  3. Cause: Indoor temperature you set is too low to prevent heating;
    Solution: increase the set temperature.

4.4 Air conditioning is insufficient when cooling room

  1. Cause: The indoor temperature set by remote control is too high;

    Solution: Lower the set temperature;

  2. Cause: Filter is dirty, blocking the air inlet;

    Solution: cleaning the filter;

  3. Cause: Outdoor condenser has poor air flow, there are obstacles to block;

    Solution: clean up the condenser;

  4. Cause: Power supply voltage instability;

    Solution: adjust the power supply voltage;

  5. Cause: the indoor sealing is not enough, persons are in or out frequently, there is a indoor heating device;

    Solution: make indoor environment better;

  6. Cause: door or window is open;  Solution: close doors and windows;

    Cause: air inlet and outlet have obstacles; Solution: remove the obstacles.

4.5 Remote control does not receive signal, remote control has a short receiving distance

  1. Cause: The receiver is loose;

    Solution: Adjust the receiving head;

  2. Cause: The receiver is bad or the receiver is not plugged properly;

    Solution: Replace the receiver or adjust the receiver head connection;

  3. Cause: The remote control is faulty;

    Solution: Replace the remote control;

  4. Cause: The battery is in power shortage;

    Solution: Replace the battery.

4.6 Air conditioner vibration and noise is very big
  1. Cause: poor compressor installation, foot instability;
    Solution: check the feet are solid or not;
  2. Cause: the unit are not placed well ;
    Solution: adjust the unit location;
  3. Cause: brackets instability;
    Solution: reinforce brackets or modify it;
  4. Cause: there is something else on solar air conditioning;
    Solution: to remove something else useless;
  5. Cause: screw loose;
    Solution: fastening screws.


4.7 Air conditioning water leakage

  1. Cause: the condensete water plate has too much dust on, drain hole is blocked;

    Solution: remove condensete water plate to let water drain smoothly;

  2. Cause: Condensate water drain pipe is bent or flattened;

    Solution: Check the drain pipe and replace it with new one when damaged.

4.8 Error code

Wall Mounted Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-p4.8


  • When air conditioner has commom faults, double digital screen do not show the indoor temperature, but show its error code.

  • Only detect when air conditioning is standby, display indoor coil sensor failure, outdoor coil sensor failure, indoor temperature sensor failure.

  • When air conditioner has common faults, running lights, timing lights flash at the frequency of 2HZ at the same time.


Regarding the E4 error, would you please check the following items one by one?
Part One
  • When does E4 appear? Immediately after the AC is on or some minutes later and how many minutes?

  • Check the indoor unit. Is there airflow come out from the indoor unit? Is it cold?

  • Outdoor unit. Is the compressor and fan working?


Part Two 
  • When installed the AC

  1. Are the 4vales are all fully open?

  2. Whether the 2 pipes connecting indoor and outdoor unit are evacuated?

  3. Whether the 2 pipes connecting solar collector and outdoor unit are evacuated?

  4. Are all the pipes well connected?

  5. Is there any folding on the copper pipes?

  6. Are the pipes standard ones or extended?

  • Whether the ventilation for outdoor and indoor unit are good? (if you can send me pictures, it will be very helpful)

  • What is the Freon pressure of returning to compressor?

 When measuring the pressure, how is the hand on the meter behave?
  1. very stable or with small movement
  2. vibrates obviously
  3. vibrates quickly
  • Is the electricity stable? When turn on the ac, is other electrical appliance like light/ TV turns dark suddenly? Or when you measure the voltage, is it meeting the requirement of our ac?

4.9 How to find out the causes when compressor is not working?

When indoor fan is functioning but compressor is not working after you turn it on a few minutes, here is the way to find out the cause.

Before checking the a/c, pls make sure that you are set in the right mode, for example, cooling mode, and temperature set is quite lower than room temperature.

  1. Power from indoor unit can reach outdoor unit or not? Please check the cable connection on outdoor unit, whether there is 220V~240V power on N-1 and N-2.

    Wall Mounted Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-p4.9

    (the above pic is for cooling and heating machine.)
    If yes, means indoor unit is fine, go to 2nd step. If no, check the indoor 4th step.

    • Is the compressor capacitor works?

    If yes, go to 3rd step. If no, change the capacitor
  2. Check the electric resistance of the coil of compressor.

    R--S= R--C + R--S
    If it is not correct, you need to change the compressor.
    If if is correct, maybe your compressor in under self-protection, try to restart it after 5minutes.
  3. Check PC board, whether there is power output. If not, check whether there is cable loosen.

  4. If 4 is OK, then check the sensor, whether sensor is loosen or broken. Fasten or change the sensor.

  5. If 5 is done but still not working, change the PC board and try again.


4.10 Condenser Fan Reversed

If the fan motor is connected as show on the motor but the fan is moving at opposite direction, please re-connect as following:

RED & WHITE--- power   (white wire is with resistance value)

BLACK & WHITE--- capacitor  (white without resistance value)

Wall Mounted Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-p4.10

53 ~ 72GW fault display self-diagnosis function

Wall Mounted Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-p4.10-2

5. Packaging and transportation

5.1 Packaging and Transportation

Duct High Pressure Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-p5.1

Wall Mounted Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-p5-1

Wall Mounted Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-p5-2

5.2 Cases

Wall Mounted Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-p6-1

Wall Mounted Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner-p6-2

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