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SFH-H Integrated Pressurized Solar Water Heater For Hot Areas

SFH-H system is the integrated pressurized solar water heater for domestic hot water that relies on the principle of thermosiphon to actively carry out natural circulation.
  • SFH-H

  • Stainless steel, Polyurethane, Heat pipe

  • Make hot water by sun energy

  • Heat pipe absorbed heat energy, pressurized structure

  • 3 years

  • 12  15  18  20  24 

  • 150L  180L  200L  240L  300L 


1. Product Description

1.1 Overview


  • SFH_H is integrated pressurized solar water heater specially designed for hot low latitudes.

  • SFH_H system is the integrated pressurized solar water heater for domestic hot water that relies on the principle of thermosyphon to actively carry out natural circulation.            

  • SFH_H system is mainly including 150L, 180L,  200Land 300L, to meet the needs of families in different regions. It is especially suitable for low-latitude, warm or hot areas.            


1.2 Structure

SFH_H system consists of a hot water storage tank, vacuum tubes with heat pipes and frames, together with PT valve , air intake valve, check valve.

SFH Structure

Product details please check here :

1.3 Working Principle

The solar vacuum tubes collect light energy through the AL/N/AL/SS/CU coating,and convert light energy into heat, store heat in the insulated water tank through a heat pipe,which relies on the thermosiphon principle for natural circulation heating of the water tank. The tank is enclosed pressurized which provides high pressure hot water.

2. Features and specifications

2.1 Characteristics

  • The natural circulation is actively carried out by the principle of thermosyphon, and the pressure of the hot water is large and equal to the running water pressure.

  • The water tank is a pressure-bearing structure, with a test pressure of 0.9Mpa and a working pressure of 0.6Mpa.The inner tank material is food grade stainless steel SUS304 by fully automatic argon arc welding and double-sided argon gas protection. Inner tank can be used for more than 15 years.

    Soldering video check here:

  • The solar water tank is insulated with polyurethane having independent bubbles and foaming density 36KG/m3, which results in less than 2 °C temperature drop of hot water within 12 hours. The temperature can maintain at 25 ° C for 24 hours, and be not deformed for a long time.

  • The solar heat pipe is a phase change heat transfer design with fast heat energy start-up speed. When heat pipe is under sunshine, its temperature can reach 222 ° C soon, conbributing to making high temperature hot water. The system uses double-layer solar vacuum collector tube with AL/N/AL/SS/CU coating, absorption rate >92%, reflectivity<8%. and service life 15 years.

2.2 Specifications

SFH-H-2.2 Specifications

2.3 Size


SFH-H-2.3 Size

2.4 Optional Accessories

photobank (4)
1. SR609C controller: display water temperature, fully automatic control.

2. Electric heating: auxiliary heating equipment.
3. Magnesium rod: anode protection, protect the inner tank from corrosion.

4. Thermostatic valve: automatically control the outlet temperature according to the setting.

5.Water Pressure Rregulator valve: SFO-PR15 Water Pressure

Rregulator valve acts to keep the system pressure stable and

depressurized, which can avoid the influence of unstable

water supply pressure on the solar hot water system.

3. Product installation and case

3.1 Installation

  • SFH-H system can be installed on the ground, on a flat roof or on a sloping roof. The frames need to be fixed connected with mounting base (ground or roof).
  • Installation and use steps:  select the installation location, assemble frames, place water tank on the tank holder, install solar heat pipes, connect hot and cold water pipes, add water into tank to check there is leakage or not, fix the system, use in normal, make regular inspection and maintenance.

    Please check here for installation methods and procedures :

3.2 Cases


4. Warranty and certificate

  • 1st sunflower has passed certifications from different quality management systems and  product testing institutions. such as ISO9000, CE, Solarkeymark, SRCC, BV, SGS, Watermark etc.
  • Solar vacuum tube and bracket: 5 years.

  • Water tank: 3 years.

5. Packaging and transportation

  • The solar vacuum tube with heat pipe is packed in carton, and the carton is equipped with anti-pressure foam. We will add plywood cases extraly for package of goods under LCL shipment.

  • The package design can be stacked and stored, but the base layer should be flat and evenly stressed. The maximum stacking level of the solar vacuum tube is 17 levels.

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