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8W15W Solar Roof Fan for Greenhouse Auto Vent

8W and 15W solar fans are used for ventilation in greenhouses.
  • SFM-F8/SFM-F15

  • 8W/15W

  • Solar panel, aluminum alloy, hot-dip galvanized spray coating

  • Use solar ventilation

  • 100% solar energy

  • 3 years


1. Product Description

1.1 Overview

  • Solar fan is a ventilation device that uses solar panels to convert solar energy into electrical energy and drive the motor to operate.

  • Solar Thermostatic Ventilators provide the ventilation your greenhouse needs which is essential for the growth of healthy disease free plants.

  • Solar fan can keep fresh air in the room,adjust temperature in the room.

  • 100% Solar Energy Fan without Electricity, energy saving and environmental protection, reducing electricity bills.

8W15W Solar Roof Fan for Greenhouse Auto Vent-p1.1

1.2 Structure

  • The solar thermostatic ventilator includes a solar photovoltaic cell panel, thermostat switch, direct-current fan and shell, etc.

  • Solar photovoltaic cell panel- its function is to continuously provide the fan with the source of the Solar photovoltaic electricity. Our cell has high transmitted toughened glass on surface and is made to the highest standards using quality components.

  • Fan- Super long life of 100,000 + hours of high precision operation.

  • Thermostat switch- comes with TUV and CE certificate.

  • Shell- Anodized and painted aluminum is used making the unit not only rustproof but extremely strong.

  • These ventilators also allow you to control the temperature within your greenhouse without having to be home. They are thermostatically controlled and can be set to operate within a temperature range of 0-50 degrees, simply by turning the dial.

  • Greenhouse Solar Fan can be easily installed into most brands of greenhouses.

8W15W Solar Roof Fan for Greenhouse Auto Vent-p1.2

2. Specifications

2.1 Specification Table

8W15W Solar Roof Fan for Greenhouse Auto Vent-p2.1

2.2 Size

8W15W Solar Roof Fan for Greenhouse Auto Vent-p2.2

3. Product installation

3.1 Installation

Solar attic fan is suitable for installation on roofs of various types of structures such as tile roofs, metal roofs, and wooden roofs.

8W15W Solar Roof Fan for Greenhouse Auto Vent-p3.1

4. Packaging and transportation

Solar attic fan is packed in carton with anti-pressure foam inside. Bulk cargo transportation is packed in plywood boxes.

40W Solar Attic Vent Fan for House-p4

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