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SFBP Solar Heating For Swimming Pool&Spa

SFBP system is used in solar heated pools & spas.
  • SFBP

  • 10m³~600m³

  • Heat pipe,SUS316L

  • Heat swimming pool by solar energy

  • Heat exchanger heating

  • 3 years


1. Product Description

1.1 Overview

  • Hotels, apartments, fitness centers, spas, factories, schools, hospitals and other public places need to use a lot of hot water every day and energy expenditures account for a large part of the cost.

  • One-time investment in solar heating can recover investment costs in 2 to 4 years. Solar heating system can be used  for 15-20 years, so it is obviously to see the fixed income in the furture

  • From small home swimming pools to swimming pools for large stadiums,all can be heated by solar energy.

1.2 Structure

SFBP system consists mainly of solar collectors, heat exchanger,solar controllers, circulation pumps, expansion tanks, valve fittings and piping.

2. Design Basis

2.1 Swimming pool temperature requirements

  • Public swimming pool:26~28℃

  • Competition swimming pool:25~27℃

  • Training swimming pool:26~28℃

  • Hotel swimming pool:26~28℃

  • Wave pool 、Circulation pool:28~29℃

  • Children's pool 、Play pool:27~29℃

  • Jacuzzi:Not more than 40 ° C

SFBP Solar Heating For Swimming Pool&Spa-p2.1

2.2 The effect of swimming pool temperature on human body

  • The temperature is too high, the movement is easy to fatigue.

  • The temperature is too low, easy to cramp.

  • Full warm-up exercise before winter swimming.

2.3 Swimming pool size

  • Olympic Games swimming pool: 50*21m,the depth of water is greater than 2m.

  • World Championships Swimming Pool: 50*25m,the depth of water is greater than 2m.

  • Standard villa swimming pool: 25*11m,the depth of water is greater than 1.6m.

  • Home or hotel swimming pool: According to the actual size.

2.4 Others

  • Water hardness should be moderate.

  • The ph of the pool water ranges from 6.5 to 8.5.

  • Regular cycle filtration to keep the pool clean.

  • Regular disinfection and keep clean.

3. Design Principles

In solar energy central heating projects, the following factors should be fully considered:
  • Pool size and water depth.

  • Initial temperature of pool water.

  • Swimming pool usage season and usage period.

  • Pool users and special requirements.

  • Indoor or outdoor swimming pool.

  • Any cover insulation measures?

  • The amount of sunshine in the city where the project is located.

  • Solar collector installation location

  • Need extra hot water for shower after swimming?

  • Utilization, connection and intelligent control of original heating and filtration equipment.

  • Design of an alternate energy system.

SFBP Solar Heating For Swimming Pool&Spa-p3

4. Solar Heating For Swimming Pool and Spa Project Design Solution

  • There are many design factors for the solar heated swimming pool project, in addition, the seasonal distribution of sunlight is uneven(Good summer sunshine and high water temperature, weak winter sunshine and low water temperature).This requires not only accurate calculations based on the specific conditions of the project, but also actual experience.Comprehensively determine the configuration of the solar heating system, especially the area of the solar collector.

  • The design area of the solar collector is too big, resulting in high investment cost and low effective utilization of solar energy.

  • The design area of the solar collector is too small, which will make the consumption of the backup energy large, so that the energy saving effect is not obvious.

  • The overall design principle is to meet 65-80% of the use, supplemented with backup energy when the heat is insufficient.

4.1 Solar heating home pool design case

4.1.1 Design requirements

  • The project location:Darley ,Victoria 3340,Australia.

  • Usage time: From October to April of the following year.

  • Pool capacity: 5*8*1.3m,52 000  litres.

  • Solar collectors only heat the pool.

SFBP Solar Heating For Swimming Pool&Spa-p4.2.1 (2)

4.1.2 System design operation diagram

SFBP Solar Heating For Swimming Pool&Spa-p4.2.2

4.1.3 Common specification configuration list

SFBP Solar Heating For Swimming Pool&Spa-p4.2.3

4.2 Solar heating villa pool and domestic hot water design case

4.2.1 Design requirements

  • The project location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

  • Usage time: Used throughout the year

  • Pool capacity: 5*12*1.6m,96 000  litres

  • Solar heating the pool and providing domestic hot water

  • Number of residents: 9

SFBP Solar Heating For Swimming Pool&Spa-p4.3.1

4.2.2 System design operation diagram

SFBP Solar Heating For Swimming Pool&Spa-p4.3.2

4.2.3 Common specification configuration list

SFBP Solar Heating For Swimming Pool&Spa-p4.3.3

4.3 Solar heating public swimming pool (swimming gymnasium) design case

4.3.1 Design requirements

  • The project location: Spain, Barcelona

  • Usage time: From April to October

  • Pool capacity: 25*21*(1.3-2.1)m,840 000  litres

  • Solar collectors only heat the pool

SFBP Solar Heating For Swimming Pool&Spa-p4.4.1

4.3.2 Common specification configuration list

SFBP Solar Heating For Swimming Pool&Spa-p4.2.2

4.4 Optional Accessories


Solar Collector Ferrule Fitting Connection

Connecting pipeline.


Solar controller

Intelligent control system operation.

Swimming pool & spa Heat Exchanger-2

Tubular heat exchanger

Heat exchange.

Solar heating system hot water circulation pump-1

Circulation pump

Solar collector heating water tank.

5. Installation

  • Solar collectors can be installed on the ground, on the flat roofs or inclined roofs where have efficient sunshine.The brackets need to be fixedly connected with mounting base.

  • Water tank(If any) is placed on the ground or on the roof.

  • Circulating pump is fixed on the ground or wall and needs to be protected from rain and water.

  • Metal pipe is used as circulation pipe such as red copper pipe or stainless steel bellows pipe. PPR pipe is avoided.

  • Solar collector is installed in a symmetrical matrix to avoid unequal pipeline flow and short circuit.

Please check here for installation methods and steps:

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