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SFBH Solar Heating For Hotel

SFBH system is mainly used for solar heating projects in commercial public places.
  • SFBH

  • 1000L~20000L

  • Heat pipe,Stainless steel,Polyurethane

  • Heat water by solar energy

  • Passive circulation, central heating projects.

  • 3 years


1. Product Description

1.1 Overview

  • Hotels, apartments, fitness centers, spas, factories, schools, hospitals and other public places need to use a lot of hot water every day and energy expenditures account for a large part of the cost.

  • One-time investment in solar heating can recover investment costs in 2 to 4 years. Solar heating system can be used  for 15-20 years, so it is obviously to see the fixed income in the future.

  • Solar heating systems are becoming popular in central heating systems.

  • SFBH system is mainly designed for central heating projects of 20 persons or more. The larger the project, the more obvious the effect of energy saving and cost reduction.

1.2 Structure

SFBH system consists mainly of hot water storage tanks, solar collectors, solar controllers, circulation pumps, expansion tanks, valve fittings and piping.

2. Design Basis

2.1 Per capita water consumption

Generally flow rate of shower: 8-12L/min,calculated by 10L/min, shower temperature: 42 °C, average shower time: 10 min.
Daily hot water usage per person: 100L 42 ° C hot water.

If 20 °C cold water is mixed with 60 °C hot water, 55 L of 60 °C hot water and 45 L of 20 °C cold water are required.

2.2 The amount of insolation

In different seasons and different regions,amount of insolation is also different. Calculated by 5.5kWh/m²/day.

2.3 Water temperature

Initial water temperature : 20℃
Water tank storage temperature : 60℃
1KG of water, temperature raise from 20℃ to 60℃, need heat energy
Specific heat of water : 4.2KJ/(KG°C)

2.4 Solar collector

Model: SFB305818
Acreage: 4.54㎡
Integrated thermal conversion rate of solar heat pipe systems, including pipeline heat loss, is generally in 0.55-0.65, calculated according to 0.6.
Heat energy that a SFB305818 can absorb in one day under sunshine

2.5 conclusion

When the initial temperature of the water is 18 °C, a SFB305818 can provide 60 °C hot water a day:
Number of people available for shower 321L/55L=6( persons)

3. Design Principles

In solar energy central heating projects, the following factors should be fully considered:
  • Initial temperature of water

  • User request on water temperature

  • sun insolation in the city where the project is located

      According to the sun insolation in winter, increase solar collector area
      According to the sun insolation in summer,reduce solar collector area
  • Solar collector and tank installation location

  • Original heating equipment utilization, connection and intelligent control

  • Design of backup heating systems

4. Solar Heating Hotel Project Design Solution

4.1  Less than 2000L Solar Heating Hotel Project Design Solution(Pressured tank)

Key points:Designed with pressurized water tank, due to the high cost of pressurized water tank, it is suitable for small hotel heating projects.

4.2  1000L-2000L Solar Heating Hotel Project Design Solution(Non-Pressured tank

4.2.1 Design Features
  • The design uses a solar heat pipe collector and an unpressurized storage hot water tank, with 2 coils inside.

  • The bottom coil is used for the solar collector circulation heating system and the top coil is used for the hot water supply.

  • The water tank uses a float ball to replenish water.

  • The top coil can be used to directly supply high pressure hot water, reduce equipment and operating costs for hot water supply.

4.2.2 System design operation diagram

Solar Heating For Hotel -4.2.2

4.2.3 Common specification configuration list

Solar Heating For Hotel -4.2.3

Solar Controller:SR81

4.3  3000L-5000L Solar Heating Hotel Project Design Solution

4.3.1 Design Features

4.3.2 System design operation diagram

Solar Heating For Hotel -4.3.2

4.3.3 Common specification configuration list

Solar Heating For Hotel -4.3.3

Solar Controller:SR530F8

4.4  6000L-12000L Solar Heating Hotel Project Design Solution

4.4.1 Design Features

4.4.2 System design operation diagram

Plate Heat Exchanger-1

4.4.3 Common specification configuration list

Solar Heating For Hotel -4.4.3

4.5 Optional Accessories


Solar Collector Ferrule Fitting Connection

Connecting pipeline.

Automatic Air Vent Valves-3

Air Vent Valve

Exclude the air inside the circulation pipeline.


Electric Heating

An auxiliary heating power for backup.

Plate Heat Exchanger-2

Plate heat exchanger

Exchange heat.


Booster pump

Hot water supply.

Solar heating system hot water circulation pump-1

PH Hot Water Circulation Pump

Hot water circulation.

4.6 Fittings kits

Solar Heating For Hotel -4.6

5. Installation and Transportation

5.1 Installation

  • Solar collectors can be installed on the ground, on the flat roofs or inclined roofs where have efficient sunshine.The brackets need to be fixedly connected with mounting base

  • Water tank is placed on the ground or on the roof.            

  • Circulating pump is fixed on the ground or wall and needs to be protected from rain and water.            

  • Metal pipe is used as circulation pipe such as red copper pipe or stainless steel bellows pipe. PPR pipe is avoided.            

  • Solar collector is installed in a symmetrical matrix to avoid unequal pipeline flow and short circuit.            

5.2 Cases

 Solar Heating For Hotel -5.2-2

Application: Hotel room & Swimming pool use.
Client: Grand plaza Hotel.
Collectors: 30 x SFB305818.
  • 125 rooms hotel and 1 swimming pool. Roof is flat size of 18m x 24 m.            

  • Located in middle of south pacific ocean, hot weather year, around, temperature average 29 °C.            

Solar Heating For Hotel -5.2-1

Application: Employees shower & Floor washing Facilities.
Client: Unilever,Israel.
Solar Collectors: 18 x SFB305818.
  • Employees shower . 100 employees from 14.00 to 16.00 PM each day. We have water tank of 5000L with steam coil heating.            

  • Floor washing in production dep. Water consumption 6 m cub/ day, Max instant consumption 4 m cub/h. Temp. 45 °C.            

Solar Heating For Hotel -5.2-3

Application: African hospital aid programs.
Client: United Nations.
Collectors: 6 x SFB305818.
Overview: 40 sickroom, All-weather 50°C hot water supply.

5.3 Warranty and Certificate

  • 1st sunflower has passed certifications from different quality management systems and  product testing institutions. such as ISO9000, CE, Solarkeymark, SRCC, BV, SGS, Watermark etc
  • Solar collectors : 5 years
  • Water tank : 3 years

5.4 Packaging and Transportation

  • The solar vacuum tube with heat pipe is packed in carton, and the carton is equipped with anti-pressure foam. We will add plywood cases extraly for package of goods under LCL shipment.
  • The package design can be stacked and stored, but the base layer should be flat and evenly stressed. The maximum stacking level of the solar vacuum tube is 17 levels.
  • The solar water storage tank is packed in carton and placed on pallets for transportation and store.

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