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SFO-P Pre-insulated Solar Hose

Pre-insulated Solar Hose is a dedicated circulation pipe for split pressurized solar water heaters.
  • SFO-P15/SFO-P20

  • for SFBS/SFFP

  • Stainless steel, Rubbery Plastic,EPDM

  • Connect solar collectors and water tanks

  • Pipe insulation unity

  • 1 year


1. Product Description

  • Pre-insulated Solar Hose is a dedicated circulation pipe for split pressurized solar water heaters,Good compressive resistance and insulation properties.

  • It consists of flexible stainless steel corrugate pipe, rubber-plastic insulation and UV-resistant EPDM film.

  • Used to connect solar collectors and water tanks,quickly complete the installation of the solar heating system.

2. Product advantages

  • High quality flexible stainless steel corrugated pipes can be bent by hand easily.

  • High temperature silicon insulated sensor cable , can work at maximum temperature by 200°C.

  • EPDM insulation is high temperature ,UV and weathering resistant.

  • Can be connected with all solar heating system standard components.

  • No soldering or welding required, make the installation easy and reliable.

  • Longer lifetime for the pipework installation ,thanks to the high quality UV and high temperature resistant EPDM insulation.

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor service.

3. Specifications and technical parameters

Pre-insulated Solar Hose-paragraph 3

EPDM Insulation pipe:
  • Wide working temperature range from -57°C to +150°C (intermittently +175 °C).

  • Flammability: Class B1 (GB8624), Self-extinguished (ASTM D635).

  • Thermal conductivity: λ0°C= 0.034 W/m.k, λ40°C = 0.039 W/m.k (ASTM C 177 JIS A1412-1989 DIN 52613).

  • Excellent UV and weathering resistance ,free of ,CFC , HCFC .

4. Recommended configuration

  • A general set of household solar heating systems,the length and number of pipes are configured as follows,this configuration can be used to meet the installation of most homes.

Pre-insulated Solar Hose-paragraph 4

Pre-insulated Solar Hose-paragraph 4-2

  • When the distance from the solar collector to the tank cannot be determined,you can choose stainless steel corrugate pipe, rubber and plastic insulation pipes, EPDM tape, joint nuts and pipe compression tools to make pipes on site.

  • Single line Pre-insulated Solar Hose makes installation more flexible and convenient.In general, we do not recommend a dual-line Pre-insulated Solar Hose.

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