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SFO-A15 Automatic Air Vent Valves

Automatic exhaust valve is used for pipeline of solar heating system, solar central heating system, central air conditioning, floor heating etc
  • SFO-A15

  • for SFBS/SFFP

  • Copper

  • Discharge gas in the pipeline

  • Only discharge gas

  • 1 year


1. Product Description

  • Automatic air vent valves can discharge the air that formed into the hydraulic circuits of the heating/cooling or sanitary systems. This avoids the onset of negative phenomenon, that could compromise the lifetime and the efficiency of the thermal system. The automatic air vent valves are performing either during the initial phases of the system load where the air quantity to be discharged is high, or during the operation where the discharge shall not happen continuously but intermittently, with modest air amounts to be discharged in a progressive way.
  • The components of the discharge mechanism are made by using performing and reliable materials, with particular attention to the maintenance of the mechanical features in time. The o-rings are made of EPDM. The internal spring of the obturator is made of stainless steel. The internal float is in PP-H.

2. Working principle

  • The operation of the automatic air vent valve is very simple and it is based on the principle of the floating of bodies immersed in a fluid. When there is no air accumulation into the valve body, the float is in raised position and through the mechanism, it keeps the obturator under closing.
  • The lowering of the floating level caused by the air accumulation into the valve body, involves the obturator opening and the consequent discharge that persists up to the reintroduction of the initial conditions. At the system load, as there is no water into the valve body, the float is completely down permitting to the air to flow quickly.
  • The air discharge is prevented by screwing the lateral plug.   In normal operation conditions, the plug shall be unscrewed.

Automatic Air Vent Valves-Paragraph 2

3. Technical Parameters

  • Temperature range: 5-120 °C.
  • Maximum working pressure: 14 bar.
  • Maximum pressure of air vent operation: 7 bar.
  • Use fluids: water and glycol solutions (maximum 50%).

4. Product Installation

Automatic air vent valves are usually installed on each type of manifolds, at“high points”of the pipes where an air pocket could form, on wall heating boilers or ground-floor boilers, near unit heaters or heat exchangers.


The automatic air vent valves must be installed vertically, with the plug facing upwards. The installation is advisable in places that can be easily inspected.

Automatic Air Vent Valves-Paragraph 4

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