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If you want to know more about the Solar energy, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the Solar energy industry. More news about Solar energy, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more Solar energy information!
  • Solar heating public swimming pool system design
    With the development and popularization of solar energy systems, more and more public swimming pools use Solar heating system for swimming pool. Using Solar heating system for swimming pool not only reduces energy costs, but also saves energy and protects the environment. One-time investment in Solar heating system for swimming pool equipment can recover investment costs in 2-4 years. The solar heating system has a life span of 15-20 years, and the fixed income in the later period is obvious.
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  • Solar heating system for swimming pool for home design
    With the development and popularization of solar energy systems, more and more people adopt solar energy to heat the swimming pool system. Using solar energy to heat the swimming pool can not only reduce energy costs, but also save energy and protect the environment. The design case of the Solar heating system for swimming pool is for reference.
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  • Design of solar water heating system in hotel
    In recent years, due to the popularity and application of solar energy, more and more hotels have developed towards the theme of energy conservation and environmental protection. More and more people have combined solar water heating systems with hotel design to replace traditional hot water supply methods. The solar water heating system scheme is designed to suit the actual use of different hotels. Not only can it save the hotel a lot of money, but also energy saving and environmental protection.
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  • Solar water heating project has become the mainstream of industry development
    The solar hot water project has carried out long-term active research and practice, including solar thermal equipment manufacturers, local governments, research institutes, design institutes and development companies have done a lot of detailed research on different levels, different regions and different buildings. , development, design, construction work. With the implementation of emission reduction targets, many countries have continuously introduced the policy of applying solar energy, which has greatly promoted the application of urban solar energy, so the solar water heater project has gradually become the mainstream of the industry development.
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  • Application of solar water heating project
    Solar energy is not only clean, but also abundantly supplied. The solar energy that is irradiated to the earth every day is more than 10,000 times that of the global daily energy. The solar water heating project greatly increases the conversion efficiency of solar energy. In recent years, the engineering market has been regarded as a comprehensive reflection of the technical level of the solar thermal utilization industry because of its large scale, uniformity and strong concentration.
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  • Solar energy to create green hotel
    Low-carbon hotels can not only improve the ecological environment, save energy and reduce emissions, but also reduce the cost of enterprises and improve economic efficiency, which can open up a new development path for the hotel industry. “Green low carbon” is increasingly becoming the focus of the hotel industry.
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  • Functional characteristics of solar photovoltaic power generation
    The reason why the solar photovoltaic industry can maintain a high growth trend is that solar energy, as a renewable and clean energy source, is the development direction of new energy in the world. In the future world energy structure, renewable energy, especially solar photovoltaic power generation will occupy an increasing proportion. In 2030, solar power will account for 10% of the global energy structure. By 2050, this proportion will rise to 25%. It will reach 64% by 2100.
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  • "Humanization" of solar energy in mobile toilets
    Nowadays, solar energy is widely quoted in various industries, and the mobile toilet that suddenly appeared in the public's field of vision seems to have become a new bright spot. Mobile toilets are everywhere in Europe and the United States. We all know that mobile toilets are small, dark, and even there is unbearable smell if the time becomes long. But there is no denying that its biggest advantage is that it can effectively solve the sudden “problems” that people have when they are outside. Of course, how can people not resist by their heart because of mobile toilets' environment when they need it?
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  • Five rumors about solar energy
    With the wide range of solar applications, everyone's understanding of solar energy is also varied. For solar energy, some people have some problems, some people have misunderstandings about solar energy. Today, I will explain several misunderstanding of solar energy.
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  • Green Ways You Can Go Solar and Save Energy
    The use of electricity is comparable to the cost of energy. Therefore, the more electricity you use, the more you have to pay. To make matters worse, we are in an era where almost all the necessary technical equipment needs to be constantly charged to function. Therefore, as long as we rely on our technical equipment to continue our daily activities, the electricity bill will continue to increase. Fortunately, solar energy provides a reliable and affordable alternative energy source. Since the sun is free and inexhaustible, it can be utilized and used to meet our daily power needs. So the question we need to ask is: How can we make it? Well, there are a lot of simple ways. Here are 4 ways to go solar and save energy.
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