Solar water heating project has become the mainstream of industry development

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The solar hot water project has carried out long-term active research and practice, including solar thermal equipment manufacturers, local governments, research institutes, design institutes and development companies have done a lot of detailed research on different levels, different regions and different buildings. , development, design, construction work. With the implementation of emission reduction targets, many countries have continuously introduced the policy of applying solar energy, which has greatly promoted the application of urban solar energy, so the solar water heater project has gradually become the mainstream of the industry development.

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1、Solar water heating project and building simple superposition

The development of solar water heating engineering products is progressing along with the development of solar water heater products. With the advancement of technology, solar water heaters are designed from the perspective of solar energy and building integration. Many developers have realized that building energy-saving and land-saving buildings Inject new energy, new materials and new technologies into the whole system and try the engineering operation of solar energy.


2、Solar water heating project and building integration

Solar water heating project and building integration is a comprehensive consideration of social progress, technological development and economic capabilities. In the planning, construction, design, use, maintenance and renovation of buildings, the use of solar energy into the overall design of the environment Integrating architecture, technology and aesthetics, solar installations become part of the building, organically combined with each other, replacing the impact of the traditional solar structure on the appearance of the building; at the same time, solar energy facilities can be completely replaced or partially Replacing the roof covering reduces costs and increases efficiency. While taking into account the aesthetics of building applications, engineering applications are becoming more diverse.


3、Benefits of solar water heating projects:

1). It can be used in all weather with the use of other energy sources;

2). The economic benefits are significant. The long-term benefit of an investment is a distinctive feature of solar water heating projects. The payback period of a solar water heater is related to the price of conventional energy compared with it. Under normal circumstances, the investment can be fully recovered within one to three years.

3).Solar water heater project has a long service life, the service life of main components can reach more than 15 years;

4). Green and environmental protection. As a clean renewable energy source, solar energy has no environmental pollution and no safety hazards;

5).Solar energy is inexhaustible and inexhaustible. As long as there is sunshine, solar water heaters can be converted to light and heat and can be operated all year round.

6).Solar water heater project using solar energy to produce hot water, no environmental pollution problems, is the cleanest energy, compared with gas and electric water heaters, no fire, no electricity, the highest safety factor. Energy saving and environmental protection, does not occupy indoor space.


The society is constantly developing, and the voice of hot water civilization is growing. People's lives are constantly improving, and there is a higher demand for quality of life. Hot water makes people's healthy life indispensable parts. The use of solar water heater products is economical and affordable, and it is also environmentally friendly to use. Therefore, solar water heater engineering products Will be loved by more and more people.


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