Solar energy to create green hotel

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Low-carbon hotels can not only improve the ecological environment, save energy and reduce emissions, but also reduce the cost of enterprises and improve economic efficiency, which can open up a new development path for the hotel industry. “Green low carbon” is increasingly becoming the focus of the hotel industry.

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1、Promote solar energy application, the two hotels save 580,000 yuan a year

A comprehensive private enterprise in China mainly includes real estate, shopping malls, and high-end service hotel industries. The company's development strategy is based on business, hotel as the leader, multi-level, all-round development, taking the chain brand route. In terms of services, the company has four hotels.

At the beginning of the establishment of the company, the company integrated the concept of green hotel into practical work, in order to minimize energy consumption. At that time, the hotels that used solar water heaters in large areas were not particularly large. The reason was that the installation cost was high and the initial investment was large. Second, it is considered that the application of solar water heaters is greatly affected by weather conditions, especially in rainy days or winters, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect of the hotel. In fact, from the perspective of hotel use, the effect is very good. Solar water heating project is the hotel's energy-saving auxiliary measures, which not only can account for most of the hotel's use time, combined with the use of air-energy heat pump water heaters, has the function of long-term hot water insulation, to meet the hotel guests 24 hours a day with hot water demand. Next, solar water heating systems were installed in both hotels.

The company has calculated an account, in which the hotel installed more than 300 square meters of solar water heaters, with a total investment of 515,000 yuan. All the hot water supplies in the hotel's 169 rooms and leisure centres and beauty centres are guaranteed. Another hotel also installed a 280 square meter solar water heater with an investment of 490,000 yuan. According to estimates, compared with the previous supply of hot water from diesel boilers, only two hotels can save 580,000 yuan in burning diesel fuel in one year. It takes only nearly two years to recover the investment cost. The energy saving and emission reduction effect is remarkable. Although the cost of installing solar water heaters to hotels is relatively high, the cost of recycling is fast, and the savings are obvious. It can save a lot of burning diesel fuel costs every year. At present, most hotels have begun to turn to energy-saving low-carbon green hotels with a significant trend.


2、Create low carbon green hotel

Nowadays, energy conservation and environmental protection are the theme of the world appeal, and hotel energy conservation is no exception. Today, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, green rooms have matured from innovation to maturity. Energy conservation should be a long-term task for our country. Including the current national and international low-carbon economy, green lighting and so on. The hotel has always been a major consumer of electricity, a five-star hotel, with a daily electricity consumption of about 40,000 kWh. Building a green hotel is the future direction of the hotel industry.

In Baoding, China, there is a five-star hotel with solar glass curtain wall. The east, south and west facades of the hotel building are all made of glass panels made up of solar panels. The building itself is a small power station. The power generation can not only meet the hotel's own electricity demand, but also generate excess electricity that can flow to the local low-voltage power grid and go to thousands of households through local power supply lines.

Everyone in this model is yearning for it, and many hotels want to try it out in this regard. Intended to start with solar lighting and solar water heaters, the hotel will become an energy-saving green hotel.


Actively fulfilling social responsibilities has become an inevitable choice for business operations, and it can make enterprises benefit more in the long-term development. The close integration of the hotel industry with clean energy such as solar energy is an inevitable trend in the development of the industry. Next, many hotel industries will combine with solar energy to use solar energy to build green hotels, which will save energy and low carbon, so that enterprises and the environment can benefit and achieve Win-win.

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