Design of solar water heating system in hotel

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In recent years, due to the popularity and application of solar energy, more and more hotels have developed towards the theme of energy conservation and environmental protection. More and more people have combined solar water heating systems with hotel design to replace traditional hot water supply methods. The solar water heating system scheme is designed to suit the actual use of different hotels. Not only can it save the hotel a lot of money, but also energy saving and environmental protection.

The following is a design case for the hotel hot water heating project for reference.


1. Basic requirements:

Tom from the Maldives has a 25-room hotel that needs to be equipped with a solar water heating system for the resort type hotel. The roof of the hotel is a flat roof and the solar water heating system will be placed on the roof. Since it is consider a resort type hotel, the appearance is beautiful, so the solar water heating system is required to be integrated with the hotel building.

Design of solar water heating system in hotel-1

2. Design process solution:

Generally speaking, there are 2 people in the hotel room, that is, 50 people need hot water per day.

According to international hotel design standards, 60L60°C hot water is used per person per day.

So this hotel will need 3000L60°C hot water every day, we will design a 3000L solar water heating system.


Product List:

10 sets of SFB305818 solar collector, Standing Frame ,3000L water tank,Solar Controller, Circulating pump,Hot water Suppy pump,Electric Valve,and other accessories.

Design of solar water heating system in hotel-2

3.Design Features:

①For the hotel hot water heating system, consider the number of pipes in the hotel is large and long, and it is necessary to supply hot water at any time.

We use the solution take to Increase the hot water return line and set the return water control valve.

This allows the hot water to be kept in the pipeline, which not only saves water, but also gives the customer a good experience in hot water use.


②For the hotel hot water heating system, considering that many people take a bath at the same time, the water pressure will decrease.

We use the solution take to increase the hot water supply pump, in any room, customers can go to high pressure hot water supply.

This design is not only human, but also gives customers a comfortable experience and satisfaction with hotel services and facilities.


The design of this hot water supply system solution,Tom is very satisfactory, especially for the design of the hot water return circulation system, which is considered for the experience of the hotel and the customer, especially in line with the needs of the hotel.

However, Tom has some doubts about this system:


a.If the solar collector is placed on flat roof at a zero inclination, will the system be less efficient?

The working principle of heat pipes requires the use of gravity, gasification and liquefaction principles. Heat pipes cannot be placed horizontally, reducing heat transfer efficiency. The inclination must be maintained.


b. Does the system use consumes a lot of electricity by hot water return circulation system design ?

Very little power consumption. When the temperature is lower than the set value, the electric valve (approx. 5W) is automatically turned on and the hot water supply pump is started immediately. It only takes a few minutes to run .When the temperature is higher than the set value, they will stop working.


c. If change 1pc 3000L water tank to 3pcs 1000L water tanks, can it?

In theory, this can be done. But I don't recommend changing to 3*1000L tank, which will increase your equipment , installation costs and installation workload .


Tom particularly likes the design of the hot water return circulation system. Tom is very satisfied with the design of this solution. This solar water heating system solution is in line with the actual situation of their hotel and fundamentally solves his requirements.


The design of this solar water heating system can be applied to most hotels, but it still needs to be designed according to the actual situation. The biggest advantage of this solution is the design of the hot water return circulation system, which not only saves water, but also provides customers with Good hot water use is tested. Customers enjoy a comfortable and comfortable hot water experience and will be satisfied with the hotel's services and facilities.

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