Five rumors about solar energy

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With the wide range of solar applications, everyone's understanding of solar energy is also varied. For solar energy, some people have some problems, some people have misunderstandings about solar energy.

Today, I will explain several misunderstanding of solar energy.


Rumor 1: Extreme weather is the natural enemy of solar panels

They look delicate and fragile, but they are actually very elastic. You can't believe it when you say it... But sometimes the hurricane knocked over some of the roof, and the solar panels were not damaged.

Solar panels can withstand simulated hail at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour and 5 inches in diameter. Arizona State University conducted the simulation, and they have one of the largest solar panel test devices in the world.

To be honest, in the face of storms, hurricanes and the like, solar panels can actually protect the roof of your home.

Rumor 2: Solar panels can't produce much energy at all

Solar energy was not really an efficient energy source before, but the times are changing and technology is advancing rapidly. Experts say that in a sunny place like Hawaii, solar energy is much more efficient than fossil fuels.

According to the solar company Sun City, a standard solar panel can generate about 200 watts of energy. Of course, this also depends on the quality of the 1 panel 2 the size of the panel 3 directly illuminates the amount of sunlight on the panel.

Rumor 3: Solar energy is expensive

Solar technology is constantly improving, and its cost is naturally reduced. In Hawaii in 2012, a standard solar installation returned in just four years and created four times the cost of profit during the lifetime.

In fact, solar energy can save hundreds of dollars a month for a family. Many companies even install solar panels for their homes for free to harvest energy and then resell them to local power plants. Profits are shared by households and companies. In this way, the households saved electricity bills, the company earned money, and win-win!

Rumor 4: Solar panels are difficult to maintain

Experts say that solar energy is basically not maintained at all.

However, it is still necessary to clean up dust and debris several times a year. But basically it can be solved with the rubber hose in the yard: it is better to flush with water in the morning or at night (preferably when they are not hot, to prevent the panel from rupturing). Automatic sprinklers are also available.

Rumor 5: Solar energy is just a spare option

In some people's imagination, solar energy is stored in a generator and is used in an emergency. In reality, however, solar energy is associated with the transmission grid. Solar users can either use electricity from the panels or use electricity from the grid. Excess solar energy is delivered to the grid, often earn money for users.



Solar energy is effective, saves money, liberates hands, protects the environment, and it’s that simple. Solar energy can’t be better!

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