Solar heating system for swimming pool for home design

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With the development and popularization of solar energy systems, more and more people adopt solar energy to heat the swimming pool system. Using solar energy to heat the swimming pool can not only reduce energy costs, but also save energy and protect the environment.

The design case of the Solar heating system for swimming pool is for reference.


1. Basic requirements:

Jackson is  come from California of USA, home has a 16 feet*40 feet swimming pool that requires use of the pool at any time,The pool needs to be equipped with a solar heated swimming pool system.


2. Design ideas:

Jackson is located in California, the climate is better.

①Based on California's climate and pool area, Configuration 8 sets of SFB305818 solar collector.

②Due to the requirement to use the swimming pool from untimed, so configuration a 1500L water tank is provided for storing hot water.

When the swimming pool does not reach the desired temperature, the hot water of the water tank can be put into the swimming pool to increase the water temperature.

③And configuration other accessories.


3.Design features:

Solar heating system for swimming pool for home design

This is a closed pressurized circulation system. When the system is running, the single coil water tank is heated first. When the water tank reaches a set temperature (for example, 60 ° C), the solar collector starts to heat the swimming pool through the heat exchanger.

Considering that Jackson needs to use the swimming pool at untimed, this system can ensure that the water in the water tank is always hot. When want to swim, if the solar collector does not heat the swimming pool to the ideal temperature,it can put the hot water of the water tank in the pool. It can increase the water temperature in the pool. Thereby meeting the requirements of using the swimming pool at any time.


4. Jackson likes the design of this solar heating system for swimming pool , especially the design that ensures that the water in the tank is hot, allowing him to use the pool at any time.

However, Jackson has some doubts about this system:


①Is it troublesome to increase the collector installation? If you need to use more solar energy in the future, can you increase the collector?

Yes, you can add solar collectors  in the future.

Installation is not troublesome.Without changing other equipment situation,You can install up to 12sets 30-tube solar collectors .


②What happens when this system reaches the maximum temperature? Does the pump and system fail?
The solar controller has a high temperature protection function. When the temperature of the water tank reaches the set value (the default setting is 60 ℃), the circulation pump stops working immediately, and the solar collector stops heating the water tank.

The system has taken this into account during product design and has taken effective protective measures. The heat exchange stops even if the circulation pump or controller stops working. Avoid the effects of overheating and protect the solar collector and system from damage.


③The water in the swimming pool contains disinfectant, will it corrode the collector?

The interior of the tubular heat exchanger is self-contained, and the water in the circulating pipe exchanges heat with the water in the swimming pool, and mixing never occurs.


In the end, Jackson solved the doubts about this solar heating system for swimming pool. He was very satisfied with the design of the solution and fundamentally solved his requirements.



This solar heating system for swimming pool solution is suitable for most of the home swimming pools that require occasional use of the swimming pool, but it still needs to be designed according to the actual situation. There are many design factors for the solar heating system for swimming pool project, and the seasonal distribution of sunlight is uneven. The specific configuration plan product details need to be calculated and provided according to the actual size of the swimming pool to avoid unnecessary waste.

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