Application of solar water heating project

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Solar energy is not only clean, but also abundantly supplied. The solar energy that is irradiated to the earth every day is more than 10,000 times that of the global daily energy. The solar water heating project greatly increases the conversion efficiency of solar energy. In recent years, the engineering market has been regarded as a comprehensive reflection of the technical level of the solar thermal utilization industry because of its large scale, uniformity and strong concentration.

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1. The basic structure of solar water heating project:

Mainly composed of hot water storage tanks, solar collectors, solar controllers, circulation pumps, expansion tanks, valve fittings and pipes.

2. Design features of solar water heating project:

①The solar water heating project has strong adaptability: select the collector with the appropriate inclination according to the latitude of different regions.

②Solar hot water engineering applications are widely used: from general households to units, enterprises, groups, from a dozen people, hundreds of people to thousands of people in bathing places. It is suitable for bathing and other domestic hot water in hotels, institutions, schools, high-end residential buildings, enterprises and institutions, bathrooms, etc.

③It is used as usual in winter, the whole system runs automatically, safe to use, easy to maintain, and the combined structure can be flexibly arranged according to user needs. It is suitable for bathing and heating needs of schools, hotels, restaurants, construction industry and various enterprises and institutions.

④High degree of automation: self-service electric heating, self-service circulation and automatic protection (such as overheat protection, leakage protection, waterless protection, antifreeze cycle) with advanced engineering control instrument.

⑤The solar water heating project uses integrated design principles. Comprehensive consideration of the user's building, operating conditions, collector specifications and performance parameters, system configuration and operation mode, use and maintenance, energy conservation and safety, economic benefits and other factors.


3. Development characteristics of solar water heating project

The solar water heating project is realized by the solar controller to automatically water, and through the adjustment control system to achieve temperature difference cycle, pipeline circulation, timed constant temperature electric heating measures, 24-hour constant temperature water supply, constant pressure water supply, antifreeze and other functions. Its centralized heating system has a one-time investment and low operating cost. It has good economic benefits in several schemes of gas water heaters, electric water heaters and oil-fired boilers, and it is safe, reliable, beautiful and pollution-free.

It is precisely because the sun is an infinite energy source, there is no geographical restriction, no matter the land or the sea, whether it is a mountain or an island, it is everywhere, can be directly developed and utilized, easy to collect, and does not need to be mined and transported. Moreover, the annual solar radiation energy reaching the surface of the earth is equivalent to about 100 billion tons of coal, and its total amount is the largest energy that can be developed in the world today.

Since the development and utilization of solar energy does not pollute the environment, it is one of the cleanest energy sources, and this is extremely valuable today as environmental pollution becomes more and more serious. And it can be used for a long time. According to the nuclear energy rate generated by the sun, the hydrogen storage capacity is enough to maintain tens of billions of years. In this sense, it can be said that the energy of the sun is inexhaustible.


4. Development trend of solar water heating project

①The market has begun to take shape and integrate better with architecture: in recent years, due to the accelerated urbanization process, the introduction of local policies, the development of green buildings, and the application of solar thermal utilization to the industrial and agricultural fields, the solar market It has become a hot market and has become the leading market for major solar manufacturers. Many dealers have also begun to purchase in large quantities.

②The company achieved new breakthroughs: the fiery market has also spawned a group of companies that focus on solar water heating projects. They expand the market and use technology to lead the advancement of the solar thermal industry.In the case of a decline in the growth rate of the retail market, rapid growth has continued.

③Bringing new features to the development of new fields: Benefiting from the reduction of building energy consumption, energy saving and emission reduction, solar thermal has further played a role in more engineering fields, and presents a new development feature. In addition to traditional solar residential projects and commercial projects such as hospitals, hotels, schools, and nursing homes, there have been many demonstrations of solar energy industrial applications such as solar greenhouses, solar heating, and solar air conditioners. Today, the solar market will be a big one. Business.


With the continuous development of society, people's demand for energy is getting higher and higher, and now the energy reserve is insufficient to meet our daily needs. While developing new energy, solar water heating project is a renewable energy source, which can be widely used. In various life scenarios, we provide people with the water for production and living at the required temperature.


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