"Humanization" of solar energy in mobile toilets

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Nowadays, solar energy is widely quoted in various industries, and the mobile toilet that suddenly appeared in the public's field of vision seems to have become a new bright spot. Mobile toilets are everywhere in Europe and the United States. We all know that mobile toilets are small, dark, and even there is unbearable smell if the time becomes long. But there is no denying that its biggest advantage is that it can effectively solve the sudden “problems” that people have when they are outside. Of course, how can people not resist by their heart because of mobile toilets' environment when they need it?


As mobile toilets continue to be upgraded and intelligent, more and more manufacturers combine solar energy with mobile toilets.

1. Effectively combine solar ventilation equipment with mobile toilets.The small solar attic fan is suitable for small houses.

Most mobile toilets are closed, and the air in the toilet cannot be circulated normally. When entering, it feels deeply depressed. At this time, although no one needs to use it, the solar roof fan is still running, providing ventilation for the mobile toilet and keeping the air in the toilet fresh.

More importantly, when the summer is very hot, the mobile toilet may be exposed to the sun for a long time, which will cause the temperature in the toilet to be too high and the heat is unbearable. The solar roof fan can also take away some of the heat and adjust the temperature inside the toilet while keeping the inside and outside ventilated. Not only that, but by setting the temperature, when the temperature in the toilet exceeds the set temperature, the solar fan will work until the temperature in the toilet drops below the set temperature, and the fan stops working.


Similarly, this small solar attic fan can also be installed in a greenhouse to control the temperature in the greenhouse within a set range, maintain ventilation, and effectively prevent bacterial growth, which is also essential for plant growth.

2. Effectively combine solar lighting equipment with mobile toilets

The biggest feature of mobile toilets is that they can be moved anywhere and have a wide range of applications. On the contrary, it is small and dark. When the solar panels absorb sunlight during the day, the light energy is converted into electrical energy and stored in the battery, and the battery is discharged to the LED lamp at night to realize the illumination. At the same time, human body sensing and voice control can be realized.



Today's mobile toilets have basically replaced traditional public toilets, and have received wide acclaim, bringing great convenience to our daily life. In addition, in the perfect cooperation of mobile environmentally friendly toilets and solar energy, the true meaning of environmental protection is achieved. Not only that, with the development of the economy, the progress of society and the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, modern concepts such as green environment, low-carbon life and environmental protection society are becoming more and more popular. Solar products such as solar greenhouse fans and solar lighting equipment have gradually integrated into all aspects of life.

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