Solenoid Valve For Solar Water Heater

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Solenoid Valve For Solar Water Heater

Solenoid valve failure of solar water heater

1. Failure performance: it does not work when it is powered on. Cause analysis: There are more possibilities for this situation. It may be caused by poor wiring at the power supply. It may be that the power supply voltage fluctuates too much and the wires are burned out or short-circuited. Solution: Pay attention to check and eliminate, connect the power cord, and adjust the voltage to keep it in a stable range. The coil can be replaced.

2. Failure performance: When the valve is opened, fluid cannot pass through. Reason analysis and corresponding methods: There are many cases of this kind of failure. One is that the pressure of the fluid or its working pressure difference does not meet the normal operating range. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the pressure or the working pressure difference; the other is The valve core or the moving iron core is mixed with a large amount of dirt and impurities. At this time, it needs to be cleaned up; the third is that the filter before the valve is blocked, then the filter can be cleaned.

Solar water heater solenoid valve installation

1. Flush the pipeline before installation to flush out impurities.

2. For water supply from a water tower, please select a solenoid valve that matches the water pressure. In order to avoid the solenoid valve can not be filled with water or the flow is too small.

3. Check whether the solenoid valve identification voltage is consistent with the output voltage of the control power supply. Check whether the filter screen is complete and whether the valve body is not damaged. The water flow direction is consistent with the solenoid valve arrow identification direction.

The working principle of the solenoid valve of the solar water heater

The principle of the solar solenoid valve controlling the water heating of the water heater is in popular engineering language. An automatic water supply control circuit is very simple. You can add a liquid level electrode to the solar energy (galvanized round steel or stainless steel can be used). The positive pole of the 24VDC power supply is serially connected to the electrode, and a 24VDC relay is connected externally, and the solenoid valve is controlled by the relay. The two electrodes are one long (lower limit) and one short (upper limit). When the water level is at the lower limit, that is, the water does not flow over the long electrode, the relay must not be energized, and the solenoid valve opens to the water. When the water level rises to the upper limit, the two electrodes are connected through the water, the relay is energized, the solenoid valve is closed, and the water supply is stopped. In addition, you can use the float switch to control the automatic water supply, so the circuit is simple, as long as the power supply is connected to the float switch, the relay is controlled by the switch, and then the solenoid valve is controlled by the relay. Principle When the water surface reaches the upper limit, the float switch is turned off, the relay is de-energized and the solenoid valve is turned off, and the lower limit float switch is turned on, and the relay is energized to turn on the solenoid valve.

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