Reasons and analysis of the damage of the circulating pump of the split pressurized solar water heating system

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Reasons and analysis of the damage of the circulating pump of the split pressurized solar water heating system

  With the development of the economy, there are more and more solar water heating projects, and more and more users install split pressure-bearing solar systems, but what follows is news about the failure of the water pump. Why does the water pump used in the solar water heating project appear damaged? The following summarizes the following three main reasons for the damage of the water pump in the solar hot water project, and the corresponding analysis is made.


  The failure of the circulating pump of the solar hot water project is because sometimes the solar equipment is not used for a long time after the installation is completed, and there is no one to conduct inspections and management, so the system will have high medium temperature and then produce the impeller of the water pump. damage. So because when the water point does not use hot water for a long time, and the solar water heating system is in normal operation, the water temperature in the water tank will continue to rise. In a forced circulation system, if hot water is not used for several days in summer, it is very easy to heat the water in solar energy to 90℃. At the same time, the temperature of the medium in the system pipes will also rise, such as if the water pump is used. If the impeller is exposed to a high temperature of about 90°C for a long time, impeller damage will occur.


  The circulating pumps in the solar hot water system will not be inspected or managed for a long time. If the antifreeze of the solar system leaks or is naturally consumed, air will enter the system pipes, which will cause the water pump to run idling for a long time due to air blockage. , And then the impeller of the water pump is damaged. In some coastal areas, some solar equipment has not been used after installation, causing the water pump to remain in a stopped state. The water pump is stuck due to the dampness of the coastal salt and alkali, which causes the air to rust the water pump rotor or stator; or the water vapor of the salt and alkali is attached to the water pump rotor and stator, and the water pump is stuck after long-term scaling occurs.


  If you want to prevent the circulation pump from malfunctioning, you must perform regular inspections. And when no one uses solar energy, it should be operated for at least a period of time every month, so as to ensure that the rotating parts of the pump machinery will not rust or scale; if it can be predicted that no one will use it for a long time , You can disconnect the water and electricity, and temporarily do not install the water pump and add antifreeze, wait until someone uses the above work to complete the above work, so that the solar water heating project can operate normally, but we must ensure that hot water can be used.

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