Solar water heater maintenance tips

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With the rapid development of science and economy, solar water heaters have become the indispensable household items in daily life because of their energy saving, environmental protection, safety, efficiency, and economic benefits. Nowadays, most of the market is vacuum tube solar water heaters. With the influence of time, water quality, air and other factors, the system performance of solar water heaters will also be degraded. Regular maintenance, to maintain the solar collector's heat collecting performance is also the vacuum tube. The heat collecting performance plays an important role in ensuring the normal and efficient use of solar water heaters and prolonging the service life.

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  1. According to the local water quality and air and other related factors, regularly clean the scale inside the vacuum tube of the solar water heater and clean the dust on the outer wall of the vacuum tube to ensure the heat collecting effect of the vacuum tube of the solar water heater.

  2. According to the local climate, regularly check the stability of solar water heater brackets, do a good job of anti-corrosion and anti-rust repair to ensure the safe and stable operation of solar water heaters.

  3. When inspecting, if water leakage is found, the damaged solar water heater vacuum tube should be replaced in time to ensure the heat collection efficiency.

  4. When the season changes, especially in the winter, the anti-freeze condition of the pipeline should be checked, and multiple layers of insulation and antifreeze can be carried out at the pipeline connection.

  5. Regularly discharge the system to prevent blockage of the pipeline; clean the water tank to ensure clean water. When discharging the sewage, as long as the water supply is normal, open the drain valve, and the drain valve will flow out of the water.

  6. Install an all-weather hot water system with an auxiliary heat source. Regularly check whether the auxiliary heat source unit and heat exchanger are working properly. For the auxiliary heat source is the heating of the electric heating tube, it is necessary to ensure that the leakage protection device works reliably before use, otherwise it cannot be used.

  7. In fact, if you want to use it for a long time, you must pay attention to the correct use of daily life, especially in the case of water supply. When there is no water in the water tank or the first water supply, the temperature inside the tube is due to the vacuum tube. It can reach about 250 °C, and suddenly adding water will easily cause the vacuum tube to burst. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use water when the sun is drying.

  8. For the exhaust port of the water tank, it is necessary to avoid the blockage. Do not add any other assembly by yourself. Also check the vent hole regularly to avoid poor ventilation, bulging or convulsion. Cause damage to the water tank.

  9. Do not place any objects around the product to avoid impact on the vacuum tube. Do not move or unload easily after installation, so as not to damage the key components, and do not install or repair solar energy.


Summary: Although vacuum tube solar water heaters are simple to maintain and do not require daily maintenance, regular maintenance is also essential. In order to ensure long-term efficient operation of solar water heaters and prolong their service life, occasional maintenance is also required. As long as the solar water heaters are properly used, there is no need to worry about these problems.

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