Scheme design of domestic solar heating system

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With the development and popularity of solar heating systems, solar heating systems can not only heat swimming pools, but also heat floor heating and provide hot water. Because the solar heating system solution can not only reduce energy costs, but also save energy and protect the environment, it has been strongly promoted and liked by people.

The following is a design example of solar heating system for reference.

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1. Basic requirements:

James from central Spain, has a 4 * 6m swimming pool at home, with a floor area of 135 square meters, 3 bathrooms, 8 radiators and a 20KW new air water heat pump. And heating the room in the winter and the swimming pool in the summer requires solar heating system.


2. Design ideas:

Because James is located in central Spain, it has hot summers and cold winters, and the temperature difference between winter and summer is relatively large.

According to the climate of central Spain and the original auxiliary heating equipment, 4 sets of SFB305818 solar collector

Due to the requirement to heat the house in winter to heat the pool in summer and provide domestic hot water, 500L Split pressurized water tank with 2 copper coil ,is equipped to store hot water, and the house is heated in winter and the pool is heated in summer.

And other accessories.


3. Design Features:

Scheme design of domestic solar heating system

This is a closed pressurized circulation system. When this system is running, the water tank is first heated by the bottom coil. When the water tank reaches the set temperature (such as 60 ° C), the solar collector starts heating the pool or the house through the heat exchanger. And can ensure that there is enough hot water in the water tank to be ready for bathing.

Houses are heated in winter, the swimming pool is heated in summer, and domestic hot water is open all year round.

The solution can be fully utilized throughout the year to maintain optimal utilization.


4.James likes the design of this solar heating system, especially this system meets his needs for heating both the swimming pool and the floor heating, while also providing domestic hot water. He is very satisfied.

However, James has some doubts about this system:


① Why use three circulating pumps?

The circulation pump R1 is used for circulation between the collector and the water tank.

The circulation pump R2 is used to circulate between the heat exchanger and the water of the swimming pool.

The circulation pump R5 is used to circulate hot water during floor heating.


② Will the solar collector overheat?

No, this design scheme has the highest solar energy utilization rate, heating the house in winter, heating the pool in other seasons, and providing domestic hot water throughout the year. Use it throughout the year without worrying about overheating in summer.

And the system has taken this situation into account in product design and takes effective protection measures. Avoid the possible effects of overheating and protect the solar system from damage.


③ Can the original air water heat pump continue to be used?

Yes, the original new air water heat pump equipment can continue to be used as a backup energy source, so there is no need to worry about the problem of insufficient heat.


In the end, James' doubts about the solar heating system were resolved. He was very satisfied with the design of the solution and comprehensively resolved his requirements.


This solar heating system solution is suitable not only for heating houses and swimming pools, but also for providing domestic hot water and requiring heating throughout the year. However, it still needs to be designed according to the actual situation. There are many factors in the design of solar heating projects, and the seasonal distribution of sunlight is uneven. This requires not only accurate calculation based on the specific conditions of the project, but also comprehensively determining the configuration of the solar heating system, especially the area of the solar collector and the capacity of the water tank, in combination with actual experience.

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