Pipeline and insulation of solar water heating system

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Pipeline and insulation of solar water heating system


  As more and more people install solar water heating systems, many people will have a lot of problems when installing pipes and doing insulation. For example, when installing the collector part of the circulation system using PPR pipes, the situation of pipe explosion occurs. . Therefore, there are requirements for the pipes used by the solar heating system, and after the pipes are installed, the solar hot water system should take heat preservation measures whether it is connecting pipes, water tanks or water supply pipes.


1. The heat collection circulation part of the solar heating system is a closed circulation system, and the pipeline is need under pressure and the temperature will be relatively high. Therefore, the pipes used in the solar water heating system are best to use the special circulating pipes for the solar water heating system; if the special circulating pipes are not purchased, metal pipes can be used, which are resistant to high temperatures and can withstand pressure.

2. The pipes of the solar hot water system should be well insulated, and the commonly used thermal insulation materials and suitable conditions should be known first.

   The commonly used insulation materials for pipes of solar water heating systems are: rock wool, glass wool, polyurethane, rubber foam, etc. The suitable conditions for the selection of pipes for solar water heating systems are: a wide range of sources, low price, good insulation performance, easy construction and durable materials.

Which layers should be the more commonly used insulation layer structure?

It is composed of anti-corrosion layer, insulation layer, moisture-proof layer and protective layer. And the metal protective layer should be made of galvanized steel sheet with a thickness of 0.3~0.8mm, or a shell made of rust-proof aluminum sheet, and the seams of the shell must be overlapped to prevent rainwater from entering. The protective layer of glass cloth can generally be used indoors, while the asbestos-cement surface protective layer cannot be used outdoors.

Requirements when selecting pipe insulation materials:

①The allowable use temperature of the pipes of the solar hot water system in the insulation material products should be higher than the higher temperature of the medium where the solar system works;

②In order to prevent insects, rot, bacteria and rodents, organic matter should not be used;

③It is suitable to use non-corrosive materials, such as materials with low moisture absorption, weak water retention, and non-corrosive effect on the pipe wall, and can be waterproofed by adding a protective layer on the outdoor pipeline;

④ Non-combustible and non-combustible materials should be used, and the requirements of building design fire protection codes should be met, and non-combustible materials must be used for the insulation of electric heaters.

3. Special circulating pipe for solar hot water system:

In fact, when buying a solar hot water system, there are dedicated circulation pipes for split pressurized solar water heaters for sale, which can be configured according to the system. It is best to use this circulation pipe because the heat preservation is already done on it. .

Pre-insulated Solar Hose is composed of Flexible stainless steel corrugate pipe, rubber and plastic insulation and UV-resistant EPDM film. It has good compression resistance and thermal insulation performance, and is used to connect solar collectors and water tanks to quickly complete the installation of solar heating systems.

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  In general, when installing a solar hot water system, it is best to use special circulating pipes for the purchase and use of pipes. If there is no special circulating pipe, then choose to use metal pipes. However, heat preservation measures must be taken, otherwise The heat loss will be fast. At the same time, attention should be paid to the selection of insulation materials.

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