solar heating system for domestic water and swimming pool

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 solar heating system for domestic water and swimming pool

There are a few points to consider when using solar energy to heat domestic water and swimming pools for household:

1. Calculate the area of the solar collector according to the volume of the swimming pool

2. Determine the size of the water tank according to the number of family members who use hot water

3. Time to use the swimming pool

4. Geographical and climatic factors

The complete system operation diagram is as follows:

SFBP Solar Heating For Swimming Pool&Spa-p4.3.2

This is a pressurized solar heating system, which is not limited by the installation height. Whether tank is installed on the roof or on the flat ground, it will bring family comfortable and pressurized hot water.

And it's intelligent control, the controller will control the operation of the whole system according to the temperature difference setting. In the system, the solar collector heats the water tank first, and then starts to heat the swimming pool when the temperature of the water tank reaches the set value. Ensure the domestic hot water supply throughout the year.

This solar heating system for domestic water and swimming pool solution needs to be designed and configured according to actual conditions, and is suitable for heating swimming pools and households that provide domestic hot water. The biggest advantage is to meet the needs of heat ing swimming pools while ensuring water for daily life. You can also find more solar water heating solutions here:

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