Winter protection of solar water heaters

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Nowadays, solar water heaters have been favored by more and more people, and the advantages of solar water heaters are numerous. However, in the winter, the use of all-weather solar water heaters, the problem of freezing is very prominent. In most areas, the temperature is reduced and the sunshine time is shortened. In this environment, because the vacuum tubes and the hot water storage tank of the solar water heater have protective measures, they will not be affected, but the pipeline insulation is not good, but it is a huge test. So, how to effectively protect solar water heaters to ensure that solar water heaters can be used normally in winter?



1, the pipeline for basic protection

First of all, check whether the pipeline is intact and not damaged. If there is any problem, it must be repaired and replaced in time to avoid troubles caused by small problems.

Second, insulate the pipes exposed outside, and wrap the pipes with insulation materials such as cotton, plastic, and foam. The thickness of the insulation material for the pipe depends on the difference in winter temperatures in the area. The lower the temperature, the thicker the insulation material is used for basic frost protection.


2, according to the weather conditions, choose the filling water time

When using a solar water heater in winter, the time of adding water should be determined according to the degree of cold weather. If the outdoor temperature is above 0 degrees Celsius, you can fill the water tank with water on that night; if the outdoor temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius, then it is best to choose to water again the next morning, and prevent the water outlet from being frozen.


3, pipeline emptying protection

For the integrated solar water heater, an emptying valve can be installed at the water outlet of the solar water heater, and an emptying controller can be installed at the hot water point. After each use of hot water, press the automatic drain switch to drain the water from the pipeline; when using water, press the water switch to drain the hot water to achieve the purpose of not freezing the pipeline in winter.

In addition, the use of the emptying valve can achieve a certain degree of instant heat, pipeline antifreeze, but can not save water. If you do not use the emptying valve, you need to release the cold water in the pipeline before using water; if you use the emptying valve, you need to release the water in the pipeline after using the water.


4, antifreeze protection

Antifreeze is mainly used in the split solar hot water circulation system to ensure the heat transfer performance, stability, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance of the product. It is also possible to prevent the solar heat exchange system from being corroded and surface hardened for a long time and reliably.

Similarly, it is also suitable for heat pump systems, central air conditioning systems, solar heating systems, and so on.



In the cold winter season, in order to ensure the normal use of solar water heaters, users should understand the winter protection of solar water heaters, learn scientific antifreeze, and enable solar energy to operate normally in winter. With the gradual improvement of people's environmental protection and health awareness, solar water heaters are just like other household appliances. In addition to proper installation, they should also pay attention to the details of the use process, and protect all aspects in advance to let the family enjoy the warmth.

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