What to pay attention to when using solar water heaters in winter

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What to pay attention to when using solar water heaters in winter

The correct maintenance and maintenance of solar water heaters plays an important role in the normal operation and prolonging service life of solar water heaters. For areas with cold winters, how to protect solar water heaters and make them normal work is what people need.

1. Put on the insulation pipe

In winter, the temperature is low and solar sunshine is short. When using or installing solar water heaters, the outdoor pipelines and exhaust overflow pipes are covered with rubber and plastic insulation pipes, and then thicker polystyrene materials are used for insulation, so as to avoid freezing due to cold weather, which may cause cold and hot water for the up and down is not smooth, causing inconvenience to the life of users and damage to the water tank of the solar water heater.

2. Pay attention to antifreeze during daily use

In winter, as long as it is sunny, most solar water heaters can be used normally because they can absorb solar energy. But when the temperature is below 0 ℃, we must be alert to whether the pipeline will be frozen. When the temperature is lower than 0 ℃, the user should add water to the water heater several times a day, and the amount of water does not need to be too much. Before going to bed and after getting up, you can use the water in the water heater many times to keep the water in the pipeline circulating. Secondly, the need to rely on the water temperature to increase the pipe temperature, the lower the temperature more need to release water, in order to prevent the pipe freeze and blocked.

3. Add "antifreeze tape"

In winter, pay attention to the use of "antifreeze tape". Adding protective measures can effectively protect outdoor pipelines from being blocked by freezing. However, at present, many users start the "antifreeze belt" to thaw the freezing after the pipeline freezes. It not only delays use, but also damages use  life.

The correct way is: if the temperature has been below 0℃, the "antifreeze tape" should be turned on for preheating protection (little power consumption); if the temperature during the day is relatively high, the temperature at night is below 0 ℃. The "antifreeze tape" can be activated at night and closed during the day. In addition, the user should be careful to cut off the power when taking a bath.

4. Turn on the hot water tap to prevent freezing

Dripping water antifreeze is a kind of antifreeze method summarized by users based on experience. When the temperature is at 0 ℃, you can turn on the hot water tap of the solar water heater to make it drip slowly and keep the water flowing smoothly. This is also a way to prevent the solar pipeline from freezing.

5. Pay more attention to the temperature in winter

If the temperature is above 0°C, after using the water that night, if there is still hot water in the water tank, the solar water heater should be filled with water immediately to reduce the heat loss of the water temperature in the water tank.

If the temperature is below 0°C, water should be supplied the next day to prevent freezing of the water heater outlet pipe.

If the weather is bad the next day, rainy or snowy, water should be watered according to the water condition of your own household. It is advisable to fill up half a tank of water, and try not to fill it with water.

In the cold winter season, in order to ensure the normal use of solar water heaters, users should understand the precautions for the use of solar water heaters in winter and learn to prevent freezing scientifically so that solar energy can operate normally in winter. In addition, when choosing a solar water heater, users should choose the appropriate type of solar water heater according to the number of households, the way of using hot water, and the purpose of hot water.

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