What should we pay attention to when using 304 stainless steel water tank?

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What should we pay attention to when using 304 stainless steel water tank?

1. Installation Instructions

1. Basic requirements of the water tank: the interval between the foundation of the water tank is 1 meter (medium to medium), and the height difference of the foundation plane is less than 5mm

2. Installation, construction and acceptance of the water tank: argon arc welding is performed on site by the welder. There is a standard power supply on the construction site, and there is a maintenance space of ≥500mm around the water tank. Appearance inspection without rust: filled with water for 2-3H, no deformation of the box, no leakage of the weld is qualified.

2. Use, maintenance and maintenance of the water tank:

1. When piping, do not apply excessive load to the water inlet and outlet of the piping. Do not apply the weight of valves and large-diameter pipes directly to the water outlet of the water tank, and set up pipe supports. The expansion, contraction and vibration of welded pipes are equipped with expansion and contraction flexible joints.

2. Water tank insulation: take insulation measures or heating between water tanks in winter.

3. Environment around the water tank: It is forbidden to install the water tank in harsh environments such as acid, alkali and salt, otherwise the service life of the water tank will be affected.

3. Welding and cleaning

During the re-welding process of the water tank, do not make the argon arc welding current too large. Use a computer pulse (frequency conversion speed regulation) horizontal and vertical seam welding machine for welding, computer pulse control, and the welding speed is fast and adjustable. After the stainless steel water tank is welded, use passivation paste to passivate the weld for 30 minutes to 1 hour, and then rinse it with clean water.

4. Instructions for use

1. During the use of the water tank, do not place other bulky equipment and sundries on the top of the water tank, and do not randomly knock or paint the surface of the water tank and pipe fittings with hard objects. If there is any problem, notify the manufacturer's maintenance personnel in advance.

2. The maintenance personnel regularly observe the use of the main parts and accessories inside and outside the water tank every month, the sediment is oxidized, and the water tank is corroded, and the water tank is regularly cleaned 1-2 times a quarter. Otherwise, the service life of the water tank will be directly affected.

Five, water tank maintenance guide

1. Close the water inlet valve, open the sewage outlet valve, and drain the water in the water tank;

2. Enter the water tank by climbing the ladder;

3. Use a clean mop or rag to clean the periphery and bottom of the water tank. If the bottom is seriously fouled, it can be scrubbed with a soft towel and detergent;

4. Open the water inlet valve, put in an appropriate amount of clean water to rinse the wall and bottom of the barrel, so that the dirt can be drained from the sewage outlet. It can be repeated many times until you are satisfied.

5. Close the drain valve, open the water inlet valve, let the water tank refill with water, and the cleaning work is over.

6. Statement

The stainless steel water tank is used to store domestic water and municipal tap water. It is forbidden to install softened water, well water, groundwater, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid or liquids with high acid and alkaline content, otherwise the service life will be shortened.

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