What problems will happen if the sensor of solar water heater is damaged?

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What problems will happen if the sensor of solar water heater is damaged?

  Early solar water heaters were less convenient than today's solar water heaters, but with improvements, both vacuum tube solar and flat panel solar are basically equipped with solar controllers. But if the sensor of the solar water heater is broken, what problems will happen to the small and small parts of the sensor? Is there a corresponding solution? So today, let us take these problems to find the problems that will occur and the corresponding solutions.


  First of all, what we can think of is water leakage. There is no reason for nothing, and all cause and effect correspond to each other. If the water leaks from the overflow of the water tank, and the meter shows that the water is not full, but the water is still being supplied. Generally, this situation is that the contact of the sensor at the full water level has been sealed by scale or other debris, causing the sensor to fail to sense the signal of the full water level, causing the control board to mistakenly believe that the water is not full and it needs to be refilled. Generally, the sensor needs to be cleaned or replaced in this case.


  What happens if there is no water? This situation is generally divided into two types. For example, the controller displays full water or a part of water, but there is no water in the water tank. In this case, water enters the sensor, which causes a short circuit of the resistance. Or the scale and other attachments are simultaneously sticking to more than two water level contacts, and there are water droplets on the attachments, causing it to generate an error signal, which makes the meter display the water level incorrectly. In this case, the sensor should be cleaned. If it still shows abnormality, the sensor can only be replaced.


  If the sensor test of the solar water heater is inaccurate, what causes it?


  Let's talk about the problem of scale first. If the water heater is used for a period of time, there will be a lot of scale or other attachments attached to the electrodes and temperature sensing blocks of the temperature sensor and the water level sensor, which will affect its normality. Output.


  Solar energy has been exposed to a high temperature for a long time, and the temperature in the water tank has always been above 100°C, sometimes even reaching 150°C. And the two kinds of sensors need to be in the water tank all the time, because this brings great trouble to the long-time work of the sensor. Solar water heaters are exposed to air, boiled for a long time, and steamed for a long time. As a result, the electronic components of the two sensors are easily damaged and aging.


  Solar water heaters are basically installed on the roof, and the signal transmission on the roof is easily affected by electromagnetic radiation from interference sources such as low-voltage lines, high-voltage lines, and signal towers. Most of the initial signal output is analog signal, even after filtering processing, the signal loss accuracy is quite large.


  As mentioned above in terms of high temperature resistance, the general approach is to put the sensor head of the sensor in the water tank and directly contact the water source, and the electronic devices are placed in the water tank away from the high temperature. Electrode sensors are mostly used in solar water heaters. These sensors need to be sealed with signal wires, electrodes and temperature sensors. However, in view of the long-term steam generation in the water tank, the signal wires are easily corroded.


  Hope everyone can immediately have a corresponding solution when something strange happens.

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