Use common sense: It is best not to use solar water heaters when thundering

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Use common sense: It is best not to use solar water heaters when thundering

In summer, the weather is hot, and the frequency of using water heaters is also high. Summer is the season of thunderstorms. Is it dangerous to use solar water heaters when it rains? Now that there are many electrical appliances in the house, how to protect against thunderstorms correctly?

Lightning telecommunication lines may introduce lightning into the room

    According to reports, thunder and lightning generally occur in cumulonimbus clouds with vigorous convective development, so it is often accompanied by strong gusts and heavy rains. The lightning current generated when lightning occurs is the main source of damage, and its hazards include direct lightning strikes, induced lightning strikes and intrusive lightning guided by overhead lines. For example, overhead lines used in various lighting, telecommunications and other facilities may introduce lightning into the room, so strict precautions should be taken.

The staff of the lightning protection center stated that there are tall buildings and storage tanks that lack or have unqualified lightning protection equipment; do not have a well-grounded metal roof; buildings and trees in damp or open areas; buildings have radios but no Lightning arresters and places that are not well grounded are places prone to lightning strikes.

    Solar water heaters are often the subject of "thunder and strikes"

    The staff of the lightning protection center said that in order to collect heat, people are used to installing solar water heaters in sunny places on the roof, and such installation often exceeds the height of the original lightning protection device on the building, making it completely exposed to direct lightning strikes. In addition, the water heater has a built-in electric heating power line and a sensor signal line that directly pass through the room. It has many metal components. In fact, the water heater becomes an air-termination device. Once buildings are struck by lightning, water heaters are often "beaten" objects. Part of the lightning current will directly enter the user's room through the water heater's pipes, power cords and signal lines, which brings potential safety hazards to lightning protection. If scientific and effective lightning protection is not adopted Measures, ranging from water heaters and household appliances to burning, will cause explosions, fires or casualties.

    The staff of the lightning protection center remind the public that when installing the water heater, it should be installed within the protection range of the lightning protection belt (needle), and it is best to install lightning protection measures. If the lightning rod cannot be installed, the water heater should be installed with the original lightning protection on the roof. The device is connected. The staff advises citizens not to use solar water heaters during thunderstorms.

    It is best not to use household appliances when it is thundering and raining

    The thunderstorm season affects the safety of electrical appliances mainly due to lightning electromagnetic field induction or lightning wave intrusion. For a family, radio waves invade mainly through power supply lines, telephone lines, cable TV or wireless TV feeders.

    The staff of the lightning protection center reminded that the power lines, telephone lines, and TV signal lines introduced into the house should be shielded and grounded. For example, when the outdoor antenna feeder is close to the lightning rod or down conductor, the feeder should pass through a metal tube or use a metal shielded layer. Feeder, and connect the metal pipe or metal shield to the ground. Keep a certain distance between household appliances and the outer wall of the building. Before the lightning strikes, it is best to unplug the household appliances, do not watch TV, do not turn on the air conditioner, and do not make wired calls. If there is an outdoor antenna, unplug the antenna before lightning strikes.

    When thundering, people are safer in the middle of the room. Avoid staying directly under the light, avoid relying on pillars, walls, doors and windows, to avoid accidents caused by induced electricity during thunder.

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