The working principle and installation method of split solar water heater

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The working principle and installation method of split solar water heater

The working principle of split solar water heater

1. Pressure bearing device: The split solar water heater has a pressure bearing device, which mainly uses the principle of water pressure. By absorbing heat, the pressure of the water tank and the heat collecting box is changed to form a circulation of cold water and hot water, thereby heating. This device is to adjust the cold water and hot water to control the temperature of the water.

2. Heat absorption: The split solar water heater absorbs heat through the glass cover and concentrates it into the pipe wall, and transmits it to the water in the hot water pipe through the pipe wall. The temperature of the heat absorption tube will continue to rise, and the water temperature will continue to rise. The heated water will continue to rise through the water storage tank and continue to replenish the low-temperature water, so that the water in the water tank will gradually Reach the same temperature.

Effect picture of split solar water heater

3. Heat collection box: Split type solar water heater has water inlet and water outlet. It has a heat collection box. The water in this heat collection box flows in through the heating pipe. Even if it is cloudy, the split-type solar water heater will use the circulation pipeline to heat the water. The circulation pipeline will store the heat absorbed by the solar energy, and will circulate the operation when there is no sun to heat the water.

Installation method of split solar water heater

The water heater should be installed on a solid wall, so the strength of the wall must be able to withstand 4 times the total weight of the water heater after it is filled with water, so that it will not be deformed or cracked. If it cannot bear it, special brackets or strengthening measures need to be installed. .

When drilling, use an impact drill to drill two installation holes with a depth of 100mm in the horizontal direction of a solid wall according to the installation size. The hole distance is the distance between the two racks.

Insert the expansion bolt into the hole, tighten the hook, and make the hook upward. Align the bracket on the top of the water heater with the expansion bolt hook and hang it firmly. Install a power socket on the wall. The location of the power socket is recommended to be at the upper right of the water heater. In places and walls where water may splash, the installation height of the power socket should not be lower than 1.8 meters, and ensure that water does not splash on the socket.

If the bathroom space is small, the indoor unit can be installed in other places where there is no sun or rain. In order to avoid heat loss in the pipeline, the installation point should be as close as possible to the water point.

Pipeline connection of split solar water heater indoor unit

Safety valve: A one-way safety valve must be installed at the cold water inlet of the machine. Connection of one-way safety valve: Install the one-way safety valve that comes with the machine on the water inlet of the main engine (note that the safety valve drain hose should be installed in a frost-free environment and must be open to the atmosphere).

Thread Note: The thread specifications of all pipe fittings are "G1/2". When connecting pipes, in order to avoid water leakage, a rubber sealing gasket should be installed at the end of the thread. Install the pressure relief hose on the pressure relief hole of the one-way safety valve.

Do you know the working principle and installation method of split solar water heater? Split solar water heaters are products that are updated on the basis of the original integrated vacuum tube solar water heaters. This type of product satisfies the requirements of part-time integration and is the right choice for many families.

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