The difference and common sense of the use of solar water heaters

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The difference and common sense of the use of solar water heaters

1. The difference between the use of solar water heaters without accessories and with accessories:

① The commonly used solar water heater without accessories is the most basic water heater. In fine weather, hot water may be used normally, but if the stored hot water runs out on cloudy days, there will be no hot water.

②The solar water heater with electric heating accessories can produce hot water when the electric heating switch is turned on when it is cloudy, and it can still be used in cloudy and rainy days.

③A solar water heater with a solar controller is a water heater that can smoothly manage hot water. It is equipped with a timing electric heating device and a timing water supply function. In this way, the water heater generally does not require people to concentrate on management, as long as the water heater is turned on, hot water can be produced. The water heater is equipped with a water level and water temperature display, so that you can have a basic understanding of the working status of the water heater on the house.

2. Common sense of using solar water heater:

  Some customers will encounter certain problems when using solar water heaters, so they organize and share some of the frequently asked questions by customers:

①Can the solar water heater boil the water?

  Ordinary household water heaters usually cannot be turned on when they are full of water, because when the water temperature rises to a certain temperature, the heat balance is reached. At this time, the heat absorbed and the heat lost are equal, and the water temperature no longer rises. In order for the water heater to open the water, it is necessary to reduce the water storage or increase the heat collection area.

②Can the water in the inner tank of the solar water heater be drunk?

  Unless it is a specially designed potable solar water heater, do not drink the water inside. Because the water in ordinary solar energy is prone to produce harmful substances such as nitrate and nitrite after repeated heating, and the water inside cannot be used up completely, it is easy to breed pathogenic bacteria, even if it is used to wash vegetables, it is actually not recommended.

③Can solar water heaters be used in cloudy days?

  Solar water heaters with auxiliary electric heating functions can be used.

④ Which pipe is better for the upper and lower water pipes and overflow pipes of solar water heaters?

  Because the water temperature in the solar water heater can reach up to 95 degrees, in order to prevent the material from aging or softening, affecting normal use, it is best to use high-quality aluminum-plastic pipes.

⑤Why are there big price differences between aluminum-plastic pipes from different manufacturers?

  Due to the different quality of aluminum-plastic pipes from different manufacturers, there will be a large price difference, which is mainly manifested in: first, the plastic material and thickness are different; second, the aluminum core structure is different: there are welded and lapped types; the third is aluminum The difference in core material and thickness.

⑥ Can the water tank and pipeline insulation material of the solar water heater use polystyrene insulation pipe?

  No, because the water temperature of solar water heaters can reach more than 90 degrees, polystyrene insulation material shrinks greatly at this high temperature, causing large gaps in the insulation layer. Poor quality can cause serious shrinkage at this temperature. Deformed.

⑦With so much water in the solar energy, will it crush the roof?

  Normal roofs have taken into account the load, usually 150 kg/m2, and solar energy can be installed. If it is a light roof, the foundation needs to be reinforced when installing solar energy.


  The above are some of the problems that many customers encounter when using solar water heaters. I hope to answer your questions.

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