The Solar Water Heating Systems

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The Solar Water Heating Systems

A roof must not necessarily have to follow exactly to the South, to serve as a mounting surface for solar panels. Result in variations from the southern alignment of up to 30 ° after only minor losses. Even pure East or West direction can use of a correspondingly larger collector area will be offset by the. The angle of inclination of a roof can be even between 20 ° and 60 °, with a solar system with less slope has a higher energy yield in summer, and one with more slope has a higher energy yield in winter. Special stalls are recommended for flat roofs.

Smart sizing: a must

Properly sized solar systems offer the best guarantee for satisfactory operation. A most accurate knowledge of hot water consumption is required when finding the right dimensions, but you should also be taken into account, the possibility of a reduction in consumption. For these issues, the Council of a specialist is recommended. A tip for the decision, the dimensions of a small solar system: daily hot water consumption of 50 litres per person (at 45 ° C) one collector area of 1.2 m square up to 1,5 m² per person.

Select investment concept

Two circuit indirect systems with controlled circulation will be mainly in Germany. This use of Wärmeübertragungsfluid of a pump in the hot-water is transported. Once there, the Sun's heat of the heat-conveying liquid on the drinking water through a heat exchanger will be transferred. Protect from frost damage to solar systems, there is a water antifreeze mixture in the circulation pipes, and due to the separate circuits, the heat-conveying liquid and the domestic water not mingle. The heated water can then flow to the hot water faucets. Compared to a circuit systems heat water directly in the collector (mostly in countries without before).

In Thermosiphonsysteme, the controller and the solar circulation pumps are not necessary, because the convection: the solar radiation heats the heat-conveying liquid, its density decreases then when its temperature rises. The liquid will be easier and increases in circulation lines. Therefore, a pump is not required. For such a system to function, however the water tank above the collector must be installed.

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