Standards for Good use of solar water heaters

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Standards for Good use of solar water heaters

1. Durability: A solar water heater is composed of various components, and the service life of each component is also different. Therefore, when we buy a complete set of solar water heaters, we must look at it as a whole. Otherwise, a solar water heater will have to be replaced in less than three years after buying it back. That would be too cost-effective, but it would be uncomfortable if it is not replaced. . Therefore, the durability of solar water heaters is very important.

2. Heat accumulation: We know that the hot water of solar water heaters mainly comes from vacuum tube heating, so the quality of vacuum tubes directly affects the quality of solar water heaters.

3. Heat preservation: Whether solar water heaters can effectively provide hot water is one aspect, but heat preservation is also very important. If your solar water heater stores a lot of hot water, but the heat preservation effect is not as good as the home thermos. Therefore, as the water tank of the thermal storage warehouse, it is also the most important consideration when purchasing solar water heaters.

4. Selection of accessories: We often say that a good horse is equipped with a good saddle. Therefore, if the main components of the solar water heater are of high quality, but the accessories are very different, it will cause the users to have small problems when using them, which will cause the solar water heater manufacturers to have a bad impression in the minds of customers.

5. Scale standard: Ordinary water heaters such as electric (gas) water heaters cannot meet the hot water demand of modern households in terms of hot water volume, intelligent control, operating costs, and water safety. Solar water heaters can not only solve the problems that electric (gas) water heaters cannot solve, but also meet people's demand for large water volume, intelligence, and free hot water, which truly achieves the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.

6. Cold resistance: In some places, the winter is relatively cold, the temperature is quite low, and the sun is insufficient, and this is also a standard for testing the quality of solar water heaters. It is possible that solar water heater manufacturers have been under pressure in this regard before, but with continuous breakthroughs in technology, the heat collection performance of vacuum tube solar water heaters has been greatly improved, coupled with the application of fully automatic constant temperature and high pressure quantitative foam insulation technology, and comprehensive and strict outdoor pipeline insulation Anti-freezing measures, etc., fully guarantee the purpose of the solar water heater in winter.

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