Solar water heater of maintenance

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Solar water heater of maintenance

1. Regularly remove dust, stains or scale on the vacuum tube or plate of the solar water heater, and keep it clean to ensure a high light transmittance. The cleaning work should be carried out in the early morning or evening when the sun is not strong and the temperature is low to prevent the vacuum tube or plate of the solar water heater from being broken by cold water.


2. In addition to cleaning the vacuum tube, the vacuum tube solar water heater should also clean the water tank at the same time.


3. The system should be drained regularly to prevent pipeline blockage; and the water tank should be cleaned to ensure clean water quality. When discharging sewage, as long as the brand of solar water heater is guaranteed to enter the water normally, open the sewage valve until clear water flows out of the sewage valve.


4. If the heat-absorbing coating of the collector of the solar water heater is damaged or falls off, it should be repaired in time. All brackets, pipelines, etc. are painted with protective paint once a year for solar water heaters to prevent corrosion.


5. Pay attention to check whether the transparent cover is damaged, and replace it in time if it is damaged.


6. When the temperature in winter is lower than 0℃, the flat-panel system should drain the water in the collector; if the solar water heater principle is equipped with a forced circulation system with antifreeze control system function, you only need to start the antifreeze system without draining. Empty the water in the system.


7. Prevent boring sun. The circulatory system stops circulating, which is called smothering. Dulling will cause the internal temperature of the collector solar water heater to rise, damage the coating, deform the insulation layer of the box, and break the glass. The cause of the sunburn may be blockage of the circulation pipe; in the structural loop system of the natural circulation solar water heater, the cold water supply may be insufficient, and the water level in the hot water tank is lower than the upper circulation pipe; in the forced circulation system, it may be due to circulation The pump stopped working due to the water temperature of the solar water heater.


8. Patrol and inspect the pipelines, valves, float valves, solenoid valves, connecting hoses and other solar water heaters with the best leaks, and repair them in time.


9. For vacuum tubes used in solar water heating projects, always check the vacuum degree of the vacuum tube or whether the inner glass tube is broken. When the barium and titanium getter of the vacuum tube turns black, it means that the vacuum degree has dropped and the heat collector tube needs to be replaced.


10. For all-weather hot water systems with auxiliary heat sources installed, the auxiliary heat source devices and heat exchangers should be regularly checked for normal operation or not. Rileader solar water heaters. For the auxiliary heat source element heating tube heating, the leakage protection device must be ensured to work reliably before use, otherwise it cannot be used. For the heat pump-solar water heater heating system, check whether the heat pump compressor and the fan are working properly, and troubleshoot any part of the problem in time.

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