Solar water heater advantages and disadvantages

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Solar water heater advantages and disadvantages

  Solar energy is a kind of renewable energy, which refers to the heat radiant energy of the sun, which mainly manifests itself as the sun's rays.

Nowadays, more and more families use solar water heaters, which are very environmentally friendly and energy-saving. What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar water heaters?

1. Advantages

①Energy saving

Solar water heaters use solar energy as the main energy source. Solar energy is a renewable energy source. It has the characteristics of inexhaustible, environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Only sunlight can not operate normally. Solar water heaters have obvious energy-saving effects and are low-carbon and environmentally friendly.


The solar water heater is fully automatic and static operation, no noise, pollution, poisoning and other dangers, no danger of gas poisoning and electric shock, safe and reliable use.


The solar water heater mainly absorbs solar energy for heating, and is supplemented by electric heating, which can be used all day long. Although the initial investment is relatively high, the energy-saving effect is obvious, which can save a lot of electricity costs. Once invested, the investment can be recovered within 2 or 3 years. . And the service life is relatively long.


The system has good thermal insulation performance, high technology, good heat transfer performance, large heat storage energy, and the thermal insulation water tank has a water storage function, which is suitable for use by multiple people in the family. It can also be used as an emergency water source when water is cut off.

In the cold winter, the solar water heater has strong anti-freezing ability; in the summer, the large-scale installation of solar energy can also provide heat insulation for the floor.


2. Disadvantages:

①Limited use conditions

Solar water heaters are a group of larger equipment and have certain restrictions on installation conditions.


The installation work of solar water heaters is relatively large. Improper installation will affect the appearance and quality of the house.


Solar water heaters are generally installed on the roof, with cold water input through pipes, and hot water output. Therefore, compared with gas water heaters and electric water heaters, its maintenance is more troublesome.

④Solar water heaters rely heavily on sunlight. In cloudy or winter, the heating effect will immediately deteriorate. For solar water heaters without auxiliary electric heating, they cannot be used in rainy weather for a long time.


  In general, solar water heaters have advantages and disadvantages. Of course, there are more advantages and benefits, which can be selected and purchased according to the actual situation of each family.

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