Solar water heater VS Electric water heater

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Solar water heater VS Electric water heater

  Comfortable domestic hot water is essential for every family. Although it looks ordinary, it can provide great convenience and comfort to our lives. Of course, there are many facilities to provide domestic hot water. Traditional electric water heaters and the latest solar water heaters are popular domestic hot water equipment. What is the difference between solar water heater and electric water heater? Next, compare solar water heaters and electric water heaters.

1. Advantages and disadvantages of solar water heaters and electric water heaters:

Advantages of solar water heaters:

①Energy saving and environmental protection, no need to consume electricity. As long as there is sunlight, there will be no danger of gas leakage and electric leakage.

②Easy to use, safe and cost-effective.

③The solar water heater is equipped with electric auxiliary heating function, even in rainy days, it can boil water to solve the problem of hot water.


Disadvantages of solar water heaters:

① Electricity is needed to boil water when it is cloudy or rainy or when the sun is insufficient.

②The price is higher than that of electric water heaters, and the one-time investment is more, because it has solar energy and electric auxiliary functions at the same time.


Advantages of electric water heaters:

① Installation is not restricted. Many high-rise residents are not suitable for installing solar water heaters, but electric water heaters are not restricted by height.

②Stable in use. Solar water heaters are greatly affected by the weather and cannot be heated without the sun. But electric water heaters can be used in any weather.

③The price is cheap.

Disadvantages of electric water heater:

① Huge volume. Usually installed in the bathroom, the bathroom is originally small, it still occupies one-third of the height of the wall.

②It is easy to form scale. The reason for the huge volume is that it is necessary to boil water in it. If it takes a long time, it will produce scale. If the scale is too thick, it will prolong the boiling time and consume more electricity. Although there is a built-in descaling device, the anode magnesium rod needs to be replaced every two years, which is still very troublesome.

③There is a big safety hazard. With such a large water tank, there is electricity and water in it, and even if there is a power grid, there is no guarantee that it will not leak.

④The hot water is limited, and you have to wait for it to boil again after using it up.

2. The advantages and disadvantages of solar water heaters compared with electric water heaters

From a safety perspective:

Although electric water heaters have some safety measures such as grid isolation, they still have certain safety hazards when used, and solar water heaters are very safe, and there is no need to worry about leakage;


From the point of view of convenience:

electric water heaters need to be heated for a period of time before they can be used, while solar water heaters are placed on the roof and can supply hot water at any time as long as there is sunlight, without waiting for heating, which provides convenience for users;


From the perspective of energy saving:

 electric water is suspected of using electricity. If it is used for a long time, a large amount of electric energy will be consumed, and the user will need to pay the corresponding electricity bill.

Solar water heaters use natural solar energy, which is a renewable resource, so solar water heaters are energy-saving equipment.


From the perspective of cost performance:

the initial investment of electric water heaters is lower than that of solar water heaters, but the service life of electric water heaters is only about 10 years, and the service life of solar water heaters is 15 years. The service life of electric water heaters is not as long as that of solar water heaters.

In addition, the user needs to pay the corresponding electricity bill when using the electric water heater in the future, while the solar water heater does not need it.


   From the comparison of solar water heaters and electric water heaters, we can see the advantages of solar water heaters as a kind of green new energy. Solar water heaters are economical and environmentally friendly, pollution-free, easy to use, energy saving, and high return on investment. Now installing solar water heaters has become a trend . However, it is still necessary to choose according to the actual economy, use and installation situation of the family.

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