Solar Water Heater Installation Method And Detailed Steps

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Solar Water Heater Installation Method And Detailed Steps

If you want to use solar water heaters, the first step must be to install the water heater first. Learn how to install, and have corresponding experience for subsequent repairs and maintenance for reference. So let's learn how to install solar water heaters.

•First. Preparatory work Before installation, some preparatory work needs to be done first, and the tools to be used are all ready. At this point, you can open the package of the solar water heater and check whether the equipment is complete. Equipped with water tank, solar vacuum tube or flat panel, solar bracket, etc., depending on the relevant solar accessories. Under normal circumstances, it is to be installed on the roof, try to install it in a location and direction with more sun exposure, and then make a mark.

•Second. the fixing bracket is used for fixing In the installation process, we will use a fixing bracket, which is called a solar bracket. With it, we can ensure the stability of the solar water heater. In addition, concrete piers or tools similar to steel wire ropes are mainly used to support the brackets during installation.

•Three. Wiring work After selecting a good position and making the bracket, it is time to enter the wiring work. We need to remember the wires of the electrical connection device. Do not wire. The red wire is the live wire, the two-color is the ground wire, and the remaining one is the neutral wire. These three wires must not be connected wrongly. Don't be unable to use it later due to mistakes, completely connect it and then connect the tropical wire.

•Four. Fully intelligent control instrument One of the instruments we need to use during the installation steps is the fully intelligent control instrument. Its function is mainly to ensure that the water tank has enough water, and it can also perform functions such as automatic water addition and water discharge. After the water tank is installed, the commissioning and operation of the solar water heater can basically be carried out.

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