Solar Collector Mounting

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Solar Collector Mounting


There are many installation options for solar collectors, which may include ground installation, roof installation and wall installation. Some important factors that determine how to install a solar collector are:

  • Distance to solar pumping station

  • The beauty of the solar installation (appearance)

  • Safety and protection from damage and destruction

  • Easy access to the collector and easy installation of the collector


Ground Mounting

Ground Mounting is the ideal choice for any solar installation, because it allows you to minimize vertical movement, thereby saving installation costs. Another advantage is the ease of maintenance and assembly. When installing on the ground, you can also choose a more ideal azimuth. In winter, you can easily remove snow without climbing on the roof.

The frame system for ground mounting consists of a series of aluminum channels that can tilt the collector over a wide range. When using ground supports, you need to make sure that the feet at the bottom of the frame are firmly fixed to the anchoring system. For example, this can be done with bulky blocks that are formed with concrete square-head bolts to form a base to secure the legs to the block.

Flat Roof Mounting

Use the same frame system to install the solar collector on a flat roof as if it were installed on the ground, and again a wide range of tilt may occur. Two methods are usually used to fix the frame of the solar collector to the flat roof. One method involves bolts and techniques to prevent water from seeping into the roof around the bolt holes. Before penetrating into a flat roof, contact the roofing company to avoid leakage.

The second method is to use weights to secure the frame without penetrating the roof surface. The appendix contains information on how many eight bits are needed in strong wind conditions. Wind is the determining factor for calculating the required weight based on the panel inclination angle and wind speed.

Pitched Roof Mounting

Roof Mounting is a good way to remove low obstacles such as neighbors’ houses and trees. Rooftop installations usually have the most opportunity for unobstructed views. When installing the roof frame, extreme care must be taken to avoid leakage and to ensure a firm connection with the roof frame/truss system.

It is usually seen that the installation angle of the solar collector is the same as the roof. However, common roof pitches, such as 1:3 pitch (also called 4/12 pitch) or 1:4 pitch (also called 3/12 pitch) are very shallow and far from ideal. Some additional inclination should be considered. Roof installation is a good way to protect collectors from accidental injuries, such as children playing baseball.

In snowy weather, you may also need to lift the bottom of the frame 6-8 inches, which helps reduce the chance of snow accumulation.

Before spending time and effort to install solar collectors on the roof, be sure to consider the current condition of the roof. If the shingles are curled and show signs of aging, you may need to put on new shingles before installing the collector. Also make sure that the plywood under the wood is strong. Look down at the attic and check for damage to the roof slabs that may need to be replaced for the first time. Remember that the service life of solar collectors is 20-30 years, so you need to make sure that this matches the life of the roof itself, because after doing so is difficult and time-consuming, just remove the collector.


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