Safety instructions for using solar water heaters in summer!

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Safety instructions for using solar water heaters in summer!

Gas water heaters and electric water heaters are becoming more and more popular, but solar water heaters are still the choice of many families. Solar energy serves us almost all year round, but it is often overlooked for its safe use and scientific maintenance due to its placement on the roof. In summer, the sunshine is strong and there is a lot of rain, and more attention should be paid to the correct use of solar water heaters!

1 Tips for watering during the bath

When taking a bath in the hot summer, if you run out of water in the water tank, you can add some cold water so that the hot water in the vacuum tube can be pushed into the water tank to continue bathing. If there is still some hot water in the water heater after one person washes, you can continue to use cold water for a few minutes at this time, and the obtained mixed water can wash one more person.

2 The use of thermostatic water valve

The summer weather is hot, especially in the dog days, the water in the solar water heater may reach nearly Baidu. If you are not careful, you may get burned when the water valve is opened and used. It is most convenient to install a thermostatic water valve and screw the water valve to the specified temperature. No matter how high the water temperature in the water tank is, the outlet water temperature is relatively constant. Another way to adjust the water temperature is to use manual adjustment instead of a thermostatic water valve. Put in cold water first, then turn on the hot water to adjust it to avoid scalding.

3 Ingenious arrangement of the time of sheung shui

Do not water the solar energy when the sunlight is sufficient, otherwise the difference between the water temperature and the easy temperature is too large, and the solar vacuum tube is easily broken. The best time to enter the water is the period of no light before sunrise or after sunset (preferably after 2 hours of sunset). When the auxiliary heating device needs to be activated in continuous rainy days, make sure that the water volume in the water tank exceeds 50%, otherwise the solar energy will be dried without water.

4 Responding to windy weather

In summer, the weather is changeable, and there are more strong convection days, and sometimes winds of magnitude 7 or 8 or even stronger are encountered. Although solar water heaters are heavier and have metal wires fixed, the solar energy is located on the roof and there are few obstructions. The perceived wind is greater. Therefore, in this kind of weather, it is best to fill the water in the water heater to increase the weight and reduce the chance of being blown over by the wind.

5 Clean the vacuum tube scale in time

At present, most domestic solar water heaters use vacuum collector tubes, which have higher absorption efficiency. In summer, when the outside temperature is high, the sunshine time is long, and the radiation is strong, the boiling point can be reached without 48 hours. If the water heater is not used for a long time, the water in the water tank will stay for a long time, and if the water tank is at a high temperature for a long time, it will speed up the aging speed of the insulation layer-polyurethane, scale is easy to form, and excessive pressure will make the water tank. Expansion, causing damage to the water tank.


6 Responding to thunderstorms

Most high-rise buildings are now equipped with lightning protection belts, but solar energy is often higher than lightning protection facilities. Lightning protection belts sometimes fail to protect the sun. Moreover, solar water heaters are mostly metal bases, which are easy to trigger lightning in thunderstorms. Once the thunderstorm comes, lightning accidents are often prone to occur. Generally speaking, lightning protection measures can be added when installing solar water heaters, but most citizens often ignore this.

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