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SFVB Vaccum Tube With Heat Pipe

SFVB vaccum tube with heat pipe uses the phase change of the working fluid (the main component is high-purity water) to quickly transfer the heat absorbed by the vacuum tube.
  • SFVB

  • SFVB5818/SFVB4715

  • Red copper,Borosilicate glass 3.3,Aluminum

  • 5 years


1. Product Introduction

1.1 Overview
  • SFVB vacuum tube with heat pipe uses the phase change of the working fluid (the main component is high-purity water) to quickly transfer the heat absorbed by the vacuum tube.
  • Sunflower's heat pipe(copper) is made of high-purity hollow copper tubes,at one end of the tube is a heat pipe bulb with larger diameter.First seal one end of the copper tube and inject a proper amount of high purity water into the tube.The copper tube is heated at a high temperature, and the air in the copper tube is discharged and sealed, and a vacuum is formed inside the copper tube.The purpose of creating a vacuum in the heat pipe(copper) is to lower the boiling point of the water.At standard atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of water is 100 ° C,but inside the heat pipe(copper) that has been drained, the boiling point of the water will drop to 30 °C.The starting temperature of the heat pipe(copper) is greatly reduced.

1.2 Structure

SFVB consists of a heat pipe(copper), a vacuum tube, an aluminum fin and a silicone plug.


1.3 Working Principle

The temperature of the selective absorption layer of the vacuum tube gradually rises under the sunlight, and the heat is quickly transmitted to the heat pipe(copper) through the aluminum fins.When the temperature of the heat pipe(copper) reaches 30 ° C, so when the heat pipe is heated above this temperature the water begins to vaporize (turn to steam).  This vapour rapidly rises to the top of the heat pipe and carries with it large amounts of heat,As the heat is off-loaded to the to the cooler liquid circulating through the solar collector header pipe at the bulb (top), the vapour condenses to form a liquid (water) and returns to the bottom of the heat pipe relying on gravity to once again repeat the cycle.  like this,the heat absorbed by the vacuum tube is quickly transferred.


2. Features and Specifications

2.1 Features
  • High speed and high efficiency on heat transfer.

  • Low start-up temperature on heat energy and better resistance against lower temperature ,obvious advantages on performance in low temperature and cold regions.

  • The round structure automatically tracks the sunlight, maintains high efficiency throughout the day with stable heat supply.

  • No water inside, no scale, which maintains efficient heat exchange for a long time.

  • Pressurized type, independent design,the disassembly and assembly does not affect the system operation.

2.2 Specifications


2.3 Size


3. Quality Reliability

3.1 Efficiency decay
  • The non-condensable gas generated at the bulb(top) of heat pipe(copper), will prevent the heat transfer from occurring, thereby attenuating the heat transfer efficiency of the heat pipe(copper).
  • We use high-purity red copper, together with ultrasonic&high-temperature degreasing cleaning method in the manufacturing process to avoid impurities from being mixed and decomposed to generate non-condensable gases.
  • Excellent welding and sealing process to maintain long-term high vacuum.

3.2 Working Fluid
  • The performance of water is stable so water does not decompose under high temperature and high pressure, does not produce non-condensable gases.
  • High-purity water can prevent the decomposition of impurities and produces non-condensable gases.

3.3 Installation angle
  • During the heat pipe operation cycle the flow of condensed liquid (water) to the bottom relies on gravity and for this reason heat pipes of this design do not work when horizontal.
  • The installation angle and efficiency of the heat pipe are shown in the figure below. The best installation angle is 30°-60°.


3.4 Antifreeze design
  • Taper design at the end of the heat pipe(copper), which plays a good role on antifreeze effect on physical structure. The heat pipe will not get failed  at a -35 °C ambient temperature.
  • If the temperature is lower than -35 ° C, we can use a special antifreeze design.Please explain before buying.

4. Warranty and Certificate

  • 1st sunflower has passed certifications from different quality management systems and  product testing institutions. such as ISO9000, CE, Solarkeymark, SRCC, BV, SGS, Watermark etc.
  • Warranty period : 5 years.
  • Service life : 20 years.

5. Package and Transportation

  • The solar vacuum tube with heat pipe is packed in carton, and the carton is equipped with anti-pressure foam. We will add plywood cases extraly for package of goods under LCL shipment.
  • The package design can be stacked and stored, but the base layer should be flat and evenly stressed. The maximum stacking level of the solar vacuum tube is 17 levels.

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