Precautions for installing booster pump

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Precautions for installing booster pump

Household booster pump refers to the general term for pumps used for secondary boosting of water pipes. It has a wide range of uses, and you can always see its shadow in daily life. The water heater cannot be started due to insufficient water pressure. Installing a household booster pump can easily solve this problem so that you can enjoy a hot bath under pressure.

Water storage tanks and solar water use generally have a small drop difference. Using a household booster pump can greatly increase the water pressure and keep the water pressure stable.

For example, apartments with independent water supply are equipped with water towers on the roofs. The penthouses are too close to the water towers, resulting in insufficient water pressure and water volume. This problem can be easily solved by installing a household booster pump. First, you need to buy a booster pump with a head of more than ten meters, and the precautions of installation are as follows:

1. Before preparing to install a household booster pump, first check whether the firmware of each part of the booster pump is loose. Whether there is any blockage in the flow passage of the pump body, so as to avoid the situation that cannot be cleaned after installation.

2. When installing a household booster pump, you need to pay attention to the installation in a vertical or horizontal manner; the direction of the water flow needs to be consistent with the direction of the arrow displayed on the pump body; try to install it as close to the water level as possible.

3. For ease of use and maintenance, add a valve as much as possible in front of the household booster pump, so that it will be more convenient for future maintenance. In addition, pay attention to install a pressure gauge outside the pump outlet, so that you can check to increase the pump to use within the rated head and flow range, which can also extend the life of the booster pump.

4. When the pumped liquid level is lower than the upper end surface of the impeller of the household booster pump or the shaft of the pump, the household booster pump should be installed with a check valve, and the outlet end should be connected with a tee for water diversion. Fill the pump with water and tighten the screw plug when using it for the first time.

5. The pipeline connection should be tight, especially the water inlet pipeline should not leak air, otherwise it will reduce the pump head or pump water.

6. Before water enters the cavity of the household booster pump, please do not turn it continuously for a long time to avoid damage to the seals.

7. In order to ensure the safety of the booster pump, we remind you to choose a three-core socket with a ground wire.

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