Operation principle and characteristics of solar water heating system

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 Operation principle and characteristics of solar water heating system

Split Pressurized Solar Water Heater  is a passive circulating split solar heating system. The heat pipe collector absorbs heat energy during daytime and,circulating pumps work under temperature difference control. At the same time, working fluid is heated fast when going through manifold,then transfers heat energy to the water tank or heat exchanger

Solar water heating system design: solar collectors collect sunlight energy and convert it into heat energy, and the circulating pump continuously circulates the low-temperature water of the water storage tank to the header of the heat collection module and the cooling end of the heat collection tube for heat exchange and return and storage in Standby in the hot water storage tank; when the temperature of the collector and the hot water storage tank reach the closing temperature difference, the circulating pump automatically stops running; it is a solar controller that automatically controls the operation of the entire system through the temperature difference.

The solar hot water system uses a combination of constant temperature, constant water level replenishment and temperature difference control cycle to maximize the use of solar energy. In winter and rainy weather, when the sun is insufficient, use auxiliary heat sources for electric heating or gas water heaters for auxiliary heating. The replenishment and circulation of the entire system are fully automated. There are collectors, controllers, and water tanks in the system. When the solar collector absorbs solar radiation, the temperature of the collector rises. When there is a difference between the temperature of the collector and the temperature of the water tank, the controller will issue a command and the circulating pump will store it. The cold water in the hot water tank is fed into the heat collector, and the water is heated and then returned to the water tank, so that the water in the water tank reaches the set temperature. When the temperature difference between the collector temperature and the temperature of the water tank is close to equilibrium, the circulating pump stops, and the cycle is repeated so that the temperature of the water in the water tank continues to rise.

If it encounters continuous rainy days, the control system will automatically start the electric heating auxiliary heating device. When the set temperature is reached, the system will automatically stop heating to ensure the continuous constant temperature supply of hot water. The temperature of the water tank can be set to 60°C-65°C;

Features of split solar water heating system:

1.Split pressurized solar heating system has a architectural integration design.

2.Solar heat pipe collector, high thermal efficiency, provides medium and high temperature hot water, suitable for use in various environments such as low temperature, high altitude, and hot areas.

3.Split pressurized water tank can work together with hot water equipment such as gas heater, boiler, electric heater, heat pump etc

4.The intelligent design of the temperature difference cycle effectively reduces energy consumption.

5. Expansion vessel, PT valve, heat exchanger (copper coil), effectively protect the system safely and stably, and extend the service life.

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