New and important sea shipping information changes in August on the US-Canada line!

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New and important sea shipping information changes in August on the US-Canada line!

From August 1st, airlines such as Maison, Yixing, Hapag-Lloyd will charge high port congestion charges! Starting from September 1 (the day of unloading at the port of destination), MSC announced that it will levy a port stop fee for goods exported from ports in southern China and Hong Kong to the United States and Canada!

Recently, following the high port congestion surcharges imposed by major shipping companies, Hapag-Lloyd announced that due to the continuous extraordinary demand from China and the resulting supply chain operation challenges, Hapag-Lloyd will treat all companies in accordance with the regular FAK guidelines. Cargo transportation implements value-added surcharge (VAD).

This surcharge will not affect any medium-term or long-term contracts, and is intended to replace some other temporary surcharges, such as SGF (delivery guarantee fee).

The VAD surcharge will take effect on August 15, 2021, and will be paid by collection at destinations in the United States and Canada. The amount is as follows:

China to North America (U.S. and Canada)

All 20' container types USD4000

All 40' container types USD5000

Since March, the congestion situation in the US West Port has not improved.

For example, from January to May 2021, Los Angeles and Long Beach have an average of 53.9 container ships per day, including container ships at anchor and at anchor, which is 3.6 times the level before the epidemic. The Port of Oakland, as an alternative to the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach, has also begun to show congestion.

The US port Maersk warned in a customer consultation report on May 26 that Los Angeles and Long Beach “have an average of one to two weeks waiting for ships, which is still very tense.” “The situation at the Port of Oakland is even worse. The time has now been extended to about three weeks." The latest data from the Port of Los Angeles shows that after setting a record high of more than 1 million TEUs in a single month, Los Angeles will also exceed 170,000 TEUs in a single week for imported freighters next week, an increase of 29.10% from the previous week and compared with last year. Over the same period, it has soared by 78.09%. As the port congestion intensifies, the waiting time for container ships is also increasing. The latest number of waiting container ships has reached 18, and the average waiting time has reached 5.3 days!


The Port of Vancouver, Canada's largest port in Canada and the fourth largest port in North America, was destroyed by wildfires in Lytton Village due to part of the foreign railroad, which delayed the import and export of containers. Western Canada was hit by an unprecedented heat wave. The temperature approaching 50°C caused a fire. Up to 90% of the buildings in Litton Village were burned, and the tracks of the two railway companies and a bridge were damaged, forcing the transportation of goods to change routes to pass. Cause congestion in the port. Both Hapag-Lloyd and Maersk have announced to customers that ships passing through the Port of Vancouver will be delayed. Maersk said that the impact of the fire on the port will continue for at least a week. The current terminal blockage is increasing and the vessel's voyage will be delayed. With the already tight global shipping supply chain, rail disruptions have put the Port of Vancouver under pressure from a surge in container volumes.


In the current shipping market, the freight rate is not the highest, only higher. If you need to transport goods, please order the container as soon as possible.

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