Matters needing attention in using solar water heater in summer

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Matters needing attention in using solar water heater in summer

Most people only know that the maintenance of solar water heaters in winter is very important. As everyone knows, there are many precautions for the use of solar water heaters in the summer. If you can make smart use of the time of water supply and the amount of water, it will do more with less for solar water heaters. effect.

Three key points for using solar water heaters in summer:

First, pay attention to the water time, don't add the water at noon. Due to the strong summer light, the vacuum tube is exposed to the sun, and the temperature in the tube is as high as 270 ° C ~ 400 ° C. Because the temperature of the water inside the pipe is very high, suddenly there is a danger of bursting with cold water. It is best to get water in the morning before sunrise or in the evening when the sun sets, so that the life of the solar water heater can be guaranteed.

Second, adjust the hot and cold water. Steps to adjust the water temperature of the solar water heater: first open the cold water valve, adjust the cold water flow appropriately, and then open the hot water valve to adjust until the required water temperature is reached. When taking a bath, if the water in the solar water heater has been used up, and have person has not rinsed it up, then a few minutes of cold water can be added, Using the principle of sinking in cold water and floating on hot water, the hot water in the pipe is ejected. if after the shower, there is still a little hot water in the solar water heater, then add a few minutes of cold water, the hot water can be washed more than one person; also pay attention to the shower to adjust the water temperature when the nozzle does not face the body, to avoid burns.

According to the weather conditions, the amount of water in the water is determined to obtain a satisfactory water temperature. If the next day is sunny, you can fill the water; if it is cloudy ,add half  of water; there is rain all day, do not add the cold water.

Fourth, it is necessary to regularly check whether the water heater pipe, air vent and other components are working properly.

Regularly check the air vent to ensure smooth flow, to avoid swelling or pumping the water tank; when cleaning the vacuum tube, be careful not to damage the tip end of the vacuum tube; the solar water heater with auxiliary electric heating device should pay special attention to the water supply to prevent dry burning. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the solar water pipe insulation layer and the UV protection tape are aging and cracking. If the water pipe is exposed, it will become hard and brittle, cracking and leaking under the sun exposure. Users should install insulation layer and UV protection tape in advance to protect the water pipe.

The above comprehensively summarizes the precautions for the use of solar water heaters in summer. Proper use of solar water heaters not only better protects households from hot water, but also becomes part of health and environmental protection.

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