Knowledge of the use of solar water heaters

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Knowledge of the use of solar water heaters

1. How to judge whether the solar water heater is full of water?  

  General solar water heaters are equipped with overflow pipes, which can judge the full state of water according to whether the overflow pipe is draining or not. In addition, it can be equipped with a water level controller, and the water level indicator can also be observed, and the water will automatically shut down when it is full.

2. When is the best time for solar water heaters?

  When there is no water in the vacuum tube, that is, in the dry state, the temperature in the tube can reach about 250℃. At this time, the water supply will easily cause the vacuum tube to burst. Therefore, when there is no water in the water tank or the first time the water is filled, it must be before sunrise or sunset. Carry out after 2 hours.

3. Will solar water heaters cause harm to the human body? What safety should be paid attention to when using solar water heaters?

The use of solar water heaters should pay attention to the safety of use: one is to prevent users from being burned. There have been several cases of scalds in the country in the past two years. People who are scalded often think that the temperature of hot water produced by solar energy is not too high. In fact, in solar water heaters in summer The water temperature of the solar water heater often reaches above 80℃, and users are often burned if they do not pay attention. When you just take a bath, you should notice that part of the cold water stored in the water pipe is first released. Once the water in the solar water heater reaches, the temperature will suddenly rise to 80℃ The above will cause burns; the second is to fasten the water heater to prevent the typhoon from blowing it down from the room and causing injury.

4. Will the solar water heater be damaged if it is not used for a long time?

  The vacuum tube solar water heater has high efficiency. In the case of sunny summer, the water temperature can reach the boiling point in less than two days. If the water is not used for a long time, such as when traveling or traveling, the water tank will be kept at high temperature and high pressure for a long time, which will promote sealing The aging of the ring accelerates the aging and shrinkage of the polyurethane, and sometimes the exhaust is not smooth, and the pressure is too large, which will cause the water tank to swell, and it will also form scale and shorten the life of the water tank. Therefore, if you are not at home for a long time, you should arrange for others to frequently put hot water on top of cold water, or place a cover on the vacuum tube collector to block the sun, and then remove it when you return home.

5. Can the hot water from the solar water heater not be used for several days still be bathed?

  The water that has not been used by solar water heaters for several days is generally hot water, reaching above 70°C, keeping the water temperature at 60°C-70°C for a long time, and this temperature area is an excellent temperature for bacterial growth in the water. Therefore, if the hot water is not used for several days or for a long time, the water quality is poor and there are many bacteria, so it should be discharged. Do not take a bath or use it to boil water for drinking. Such water bathing is not good for the skin. Long-term use of this water for bathing may be harmful. Cause skin diseases.

6. Do you want to put out the solar water in winter?

No need, the water in the water tank has heat capacity, that is to say, the water in the solar water tank has a certain amount of heat. The greater the water volume, the greater the heat capacity, the more it can delay the speed of freezing. If the water is released, the water in the vacuum tube cannot be released, the heat capacity becomes smaller, and it is easy to freeze.

7. How to use solar water heater in winter?

   Low sunshine intensity, short sunshine time, and low ambient temperature. It is possible that the expected temperature cannot be reached on the day of watering. At this time, the water volume in the water tank can be appropriately controlled, or the electric auxiliary system or the gas auxiliary system can be activated when necessary. Of course, to use solar water heaters, it is necessary to ensure that the water in the pipeline is not frozen, otherwise the temperature of the water in the water tank will not help.

8. If there is no running water around, can solar water heaters be installed?  

In areas where there is no running water, solar water heaters should be used. Generally, water can be supplied by a water pump. In addition, an auxiliary water tank is added at the same height as the solar energy to store cold water so that it can be kept cool during bathing.

9. Can solar water heater be installed if the water quality is not good?

   Solar energy can be installed, but it will shorten the life of the vacuum tube and electric heating.

10.Can solar water heater be used when the water pressure is not enough?

   When the local water pressure is not enough, a booster pump can be used to solve this problem.

11. Can electric heating be used for a long time?  

  Electric heating is an auxiliary device of solar water heaters, which can only be activated when the water temperature is not enough. After reaching the predetermined temperature, cut off the power and use it, do not use it while heating, otherwise there will be a risk of electric shock and a drop in the water level, which may cause dry burning.

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