Introduction of solar water heater booster pump

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Introduction of solar water heater booster pump

As the pace of urban construction is getting faster and faster, the floor construction is getting higher and higher. This is a good thing, but it will also have a certain impact on our water use. At this time, in order to ensure normal water use, we need to use it. The hot water has increased pumps. Today, I will introduce some conditions of the solar water heater booster pumps for everyone to understand.

Hot water booster pump, also called hot water centrifugal pump, is short for single-stage single-suction hot water centrifugal pump, including pump body, pump cover, motor with output shaft, pump shaft, bearing seat, and impeller installed in the pump body , Mechanical seal and mechanical seal gland, characterized in that it also includes a wafer coupling set between the output shaft of the motor and the pump shaft, and a guide bearing installed on the bearing seat to assist in supporting the pump shaft; The wafer coupling is rigidly connected with the motor output shaft and the pump shaft respectively, and a space distance is reserved between the motor output shaft and the pump shaft to facilitate the assembly and disassembly of the mechanical seal and the mechanical seal gland. There is no need to disassemble the motor and pump cover when repairing or replacing the mechanical seal.

Now we live in higher and higher floors, so it is prone to unstable water pressure, especially during the peak water consumption in summer, it is more likely to have a favorite water flow. At this time, solar water heaters are used to take a bath. Hot water is flowing out, and there is no cold water. This situation is very distressing. After using the booster pump to pressurize, normal use can be guaranteed. There will also be cases where the water is hot and cold. This is actually insufficient water pressure, which causes the hot water in the solar energy and the tap water to not reach the desired temperature after mixing, and the use of a booster pump can make the cold water more constant , So that the water temperature will not change, making the use more comfortable.

Solar water heaters usually used at home need to be installed with additional pumps. This is because solar energy is usually installed on the roof of the building, so the height of this kind of height, the formed drop is relatively large, which will affect the size of the water pressure, especially in the case of a particularly large drop, you need to use booster Pump up.

  The booster pump is installed at the end of the hot water pipe close to the water tank. The water receiving level and pressure are controlled. When the user uses it, the open water valve needs to be opened. The booster pump starts to work, and when the water is closed, the booster pump also The operation is stopped, and the user does not need to operate anything, it is very simple. There is no need for maintenance, etc., and it is easy to make the water temperature more ideal.

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