How to use solar water heaters correctly?

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How to use solar water heaters correctly?

Solar water heaters convert light energy into heat energy and heat water from a low temperature to a high temperature to meet people’s needs for hot water in life and production. However, if it is not used correctly, it will affect the overall performance. We need to pay close attention to this.


Solar water heater use:

  1. Pay attention to the watering time when installing and using solar water heaters, pay attention to the weather, and avoid watering when the sun is exposed to the sun and the temperature is high. Moreover, it is strictly forbidden to add water after the water is used up. It is best to fill the water before sunrise in the morning or two hours after the sun sets in the evening, so as to ensure the service life of the water heater.


  2. There is a vent hole on the top of each water heater. When the water is full, there will be a normal phenomenon of water outflow, and it will stop after closing the water supply valve. However, installing solar controllers or auxiliary water tanks can prevent this from happening.


  3. Electric heating: The power of electric heating is 1500W. If it is used on cloudy days or when the water temperature is not enough in winter, do not plug it in for a long time. The electricity must be cut off when taking a bath. When plugging in, if the red light of the leakage protection plug is on, it proves that it is heating, and the green light is on, it means that the water temperature has reached 65°C.


      4. When the temperature is not too low (7°C to 5°C), after the water is used up at night, there is still some hot water in the water heater (the water in the vacuum tube). Fill up with water immediately, lower the water temperature inside the water heater, and lower that night. Heat loss, make full use of heat energy.


  5. Use of solar water heater: If the temperature is particularly low, the water level in the water heater must be kept above 80%. In case of continuous cloudy days, please try to use the water in the water heater and replenish it immediately. In the case of high water pressure, there may be drops of water dripping from the pressure relief valve, which is normal. It is strictly forbidden to block the pressure relief port, and a diversion pipe can be used to lead to a safe sewer, and ensure that it is open to the atmosphere. If the tap water pressure is too high, it is recommended to install a pressure reducing valve far away from the water heater.

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