How to safely supply water to solar water heaters

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How to safely supply water to solar water heaters

  With the progress of society and the improvement of people's living standards, domestic hot water has become an indispensable part of people's lives. And environmentally friendly clean energy sources such as solar water heaters have also been recognized by consumers. So how should solar water heaters be safely supplied with water in the process of using solar water heaters?

1. If the auxiliary water tank is installed, the auxiliary water tank will open the floating ball for automatic water replenishment as long as the water in the water tank is reduced according to the usage of the water tank, until the water in the water tank reaches the full state. In addition, general solar water heaters are equipped with overflow pipes, and the full state can be judged according to whether the overflow pipe is draining water.


2.  If the integrated valve is installed, the user should open the water supply valve, the tap water will start to replenish the solar energy through the water pipes, and the water will be automatically closed when the water is full. When we use water, close the water supply valve and open the water switch or mixing valve. That's it.


3. If a solar controller with water supply function is installed, the mode of water supply can be set in advance, and the time water supply, water level water supply and temperature water supply can be set. The controller will automatically fill water according to the set water filling mode.


4. The solar water heater has high efficiency. In the case of sunny summer, the water temperature can reach the boiling point in less than a few hours. Promote the aging of the sealing ring, accelerate the aging and shrinkage of the polyurethane, sometimes the exhaust is not smooth, and the pressure will swell the water tank, and it will also form scales, shortening the life of the water tank. Therefore, if you are not at home for a long time, you should arrange for others to frequently put hot water on top of cold water, or place a cover on the vacuum tube collector to block the sun, and then remove it when you go home.


5. When taking a bath, if the water in the solar water heater has been used up, and the person has not washed it, you can use cold water for a few minutes, and use the principle of sinking cold water and rising hot water to push out the hot water in the vacuum tube. Then you can take a shower.


6. If there is still a little hot water in the solar water heater after taking a shower, use cold water for a few minutes, and the hot water obtained can wash one more person.


7. According to the weather forecast to determine the amount of water used, a satisfactory water temperature can be obtained. If it is sunny tomorrow, fill the water; if it is cloudy or cloudy, the upper half tank of water; if there is rain, keep the original water without cold water.


8. After taking a shower at night, if there is still half of the hot water in the water heater tank of nearly 70 degrees, in order to prevent excessive heat loss (the less water, the faster the heat loss), the water supply should also be determined according to the water temperature weather forecast. Tomorrow is sunny and full of water; on cloudy and rainy days, 2/3 of the water.

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